Expat Guide to Cameroon Living in Central Africa

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Welcome to our expert guide for expats considering a move to Cameroon, the central African country known for its diverse population and rich natural resources. With a population of approximately 25 million people, Cameroon is a vibrant and unique destination that offers both challenges and rewards for those willing to embrace its culture and way of life.

Culture in Cameroon

Cameroonian culture is a rich and diverse tapestry, influenced by its various ethnic groups, French and English colonialism, and proximity to neighboring countries. Expats will find themselves immersed in a rich cultural scene, with music, dance, and cuisine playing significant roles in daily life.

Living in Cameroon: Essential Information

Cost of Living: Compared to Europe and North America, the cost of living in Cameroon is significantly lower. Expats can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while saving. Rent, food, and transportation are particularly affordable.

  • Housing: Expats often live in compounds, gated communities for added security.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare standards vary greatly throughout the country. Expats may choose to use private clinics or obtain international health insurance.
  • Education: Some international schools cater to expat children, providing a Western-style education.

Visas and Legalities

To live and work in Cameroon, expats will need to obtain an appropriate visa. The most common types include: Work Visa, Student Visa, and Retiree Visa. Prospective expats should research their visa requirements in advance and ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

Making the Move: Safety and Housing

Safety is a concern for some expats when considering a move to Cameroon. While some areas, particularly the large cities, have higher crime rates, many expats report feeling safe when taking precautions such as avoiding poorly lit areas at night and not carrying large sums of cash.

Finding suitable housing in Cameroon can be a challenge, but expats are often able to find comfortable and secure housing within compounds or gated communities.

Cameroonian Food and Traditions

Cameroonian cuisine is a delightful fusion of flavors, influenced by French, West African, and native foods. Expats should try local dishes such as "Ndjembe" (grilled pork), "Ndol" (spicy palm nut sauce), and "Mbuluw Mbulu" (beef brochettes).

Final Thoughts: Living the Cameroonian Experience

Relocating to Cameroon can be an exciting and challenging experience for expats. With a rich cultural scene, affordable cost of living, and a diverse population, it offers a unique and rewarding experience for those willing to embrace the adventure. By researching key information, such as visas, housing, and safety, expats can make a successful transition to their new home in central Africa.