Expat Guide to Living in Eritrea

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Nestled at the eastern tip of Africa, Eritrea is a hidden gem that draws adventurous expats from all around the world. Offering a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, Eritrea is an intriguing choice for those considering an international relocation. In this comprehensive guide for expats, we delve into the essential aspects of life in Eritrea, shedding light on what to expect during your journey toward adapting to this fascinating African country.

Culture: Embracing the Rich Eritrean Traditions

Eritrea’s diverse landscape is mirrored in its rich tapestry of cultures, reflecting 3,000 years of history. Familiarize yourself with the customs, traditions, and religious practices of the various ethnic groups, as well as the nuances of daily life.


Savor authentic Eritrean dishes drawn from Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and African influences. Delight in local specialties like shawa, dehleh, and kitfo, made with ingredients like injera, tibs, and kitfo meat.


Harmonious coexistence of Christianity, Islam, and indigenous beliefs shapes Eritrea’s spiritual landscape. Reflect on the significance of religion and its role in shaping social and political dynamics.

Cost of Living: Affordability and Efficiency

Uncover the secrets to affordable living in Eritrea. Learn about housing options, the cost of groceries, transportation, utilities, and healthcare, and how to navigate the local economy for the best value.


Choose from variety of housing options like apartments, houses, and compounds. Consider factors like location, size, and cost when making your selection.


Discover the best ways to get around Eritrea, from local buses and shared taxis to privately-owned vehicles. Acquire a basic understanding of road rules and guidelines for driving in Eritrea.

Safety: Preserving Your Wellbeing

Ensure your personal safety by familiarizing yourself with important safety tips and practices. Learn about local risks and emergencies and acquire essential first-aid knowledge.


Access world-class medical facilities and services in Eritrea, offering comprehensive medical care, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Understand the regulatory framework and health insurance options.


Gain knowledge about the National Union of Eritreans Forces and their role in maintaining order and security. Understand the political landscape and its implications on daily life and personal security.

Employment: Building a Career and Engaging in Economic Opportunities

Explore the various employment opportunities, government and NGO sector, and local industries. Learn about the employment registration process, the cultural dynamics of the workplace, and professional networking opportunities.

Working Environment

Determine the best-fit professional path based on your skills, interests, and career goals. Understand working hours, dress code, and other cultural norms in the business environment.

Working With Local NGOs

Join the ranks of international volunteers contributing to social causes in Eritrea, providing essential services and resources to underserved communities. Research local NGOs and their projects, and prepare for your roles and responsibilities.

Education: Embracing Lifelong Learning

Expand your horizons and enrich your personal and professional growth through education opportunities. Learn about the availability and affordability of formal and informal education options for adults.

Lifelong Learning and Personal Development

Discover the benefits of continuing education, explore local courses, and engage in lifelong learning programs. Enhance your skills and knowledge and unlock new opportunities.

Community: Building a Network and Finding Support

Connect with like-minded expats and become part of a vibrant and supportive international community. Learn about local organizations, events, and social networks that foster connections and friendships.

Finding Community and Building Relationships

Join social organizations and local interest groups to meet fellow expats and form lasting friendships. Participate in cultural events and establish a network of support.

Conclusion: A Rewarding Adventure lies Ahead

Embrace the rich tapestry of Eritrean culture and embark on an exciting adventure filled with boundless opportunities. With this comprehensive guide, expats can confidently make informed decisions about their move to this unique African country and unlock a fulfilling life in Eritrea.