Golfing Paradise in Takoradi ExpatFriendly Clubs

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Living in Takoradi, Ghana, offers a unique blend of African culture and modern amenities that can make your stay an unforgettable experience. One such experience is the thrill of playing golf in the stunning golf clubs located either in the city or nearby. In this article, we delve into the details of these expat-friendly golf clubs, appealing to those who love the sport and wish to join the thriving expat community.

World-Class Golf Courses around Takoradi

The golf courses in and around Takoradi boast beautiful landscapes and challenging layouts that cater to golfers of all skill levels. Two notable golf clubs in the region are:

  1. \ Takoradi Golf Club:This historically significant golf course, inaugurated in 1952, features a 6,008-meter long, 18-hole course with par 72, making it ideal for both practicing and competitive play. With five holes bordering the Atlantic Ocean, you'll enjoy fantastic views while honing your golf skills.
  2. \ Breman Asikuma Golf Club:Located roughly 100 kilometers from Takoradi, Breman Asikuma Golf Club impresses with an 18-hole, 5,472-meter long golf course, offering unique challenges and gorgeous views of the Gulf of Guinea.

Facilities and Recreational Activities

Both clubs offer top-notch amenities and additional activities, allowing you to optimize your overall golfing experience:

  • \ Practice Facilities:At both clubs, dedicated areas to hone your golfing skills are available, including driving ranges, short-game practice areas, and putting greens.
  • \ Dining Options:Savor delicious meals and refreshments at the spacious and elegant clubhouses. They serve a wide range of cuisines to cater to diverse tastes.
  • \ Recreational Activities:If you're traveling with family or prefer relaxing days, these clubs offer numerous recreational activities to entertain and relax:

The Clubhouse Atmosphere

The clubhouses at these institutions not only serve as gathering places for members and guests but also are emblematic of the friendly and welcoming expat community. You'll encounter a diverse and inclusive atmosphere that encourages bonding over shared love for the sport and the cultural experience of living in Takoradi.

Demographics and Community

The expat community at these clubs is diverse, with members hailing from various nations. They are welcoming and eager to share their experiences and knowledge of the region. Regular social events and tournaments foster a strong sense of camaraderie amongst members.

Membership Benefits and Fees

As an expat residing or considering moving to Takoradi, you will be glad to know that these clubs offer exclusive membership options tailored to the expat community:

  • \ Discounted Green Fees:Many expat memberships offer lower green fees than regular memberships, making golfing more affordable for this demographic.
  • \ Flexible Membership Plans:These clubs provide flexible membership plans suitable for those who frequently travel. They allow you to split your membership into multiple categories or purchase a temporary membership when applicable.

Cost Analysis

When considering the costs associated with golfing in Takoradi, remember:

  • \ Green Fees:On average, green fees range from $20 to $100 per round, depending on the club and membership status.
  • \ Equipment Rentals:If you don't wish to bring your golfing equipment, renting a set in Ghana will cost around $15 to $30 per round for clubs and $10 to $25 for carts.
  • \ Other Expenses:Additional expenses include transportation to the club (ranging from $5 to $20), meals (most clubs have reasonable pricing), and beverages.

Beginner Golfers

Beginner golfers are always welcome at both clubs, with programs designed to help you learn the sport and improve your skills. Taking private or group lessons with the qualified instructors is an excellent way to build a solid foundation and experience the joy of golfing in a beautiful African setting!


Golfing in Takoradi, Ghana, is a must-try experience for expats who wish to combine their love for the sport with immersive cultural adventures. The clubs in and around this bustling city provide world-class golfing facilities, warm and welcoming expat communities, and convenient membership options, ensuring there's always a reason for you to join in on the fun!