Golfing in Toamasina Expats Paradise

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Nestled along the eastern coast of Madagascar, Toamasina is a hidden gem for expats seeking adventure and a vibrant community. While the city is famed for its natural beauty and rich culture, few know of its excellent golfing opportunities. In this extensive article, we'll explore Toamasina's premier golf clubs, providing you with a comprehensive guide for an unforgettable golfing experience.

World-Class Courses

Toamasina boasts an impressive collection of golf courses, each offering unique challenges and breathtaking landscapes. The first, located at Royal Palisses Golf Club, stretches 6,213 meters (6,792 yards) long, with a par of 72. Its lush greens and undulating fairways are beautifully set against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. For those seeking a more challenging course, Atchara Golf Club, with a par of 71 and a length of 6,015 meters (6,578 yards), provides a formidable test.

Amenities and Dining Options

Beyond the courses, these clubs offer top-notch facilities for members and guests. Royal Palisses Golf Club features a well-equipped pro shop stocked with the latest golf gear, while Atchara Golf Club offers state-of-the-art practice facilities.

Recreational Activities and Community Aspect

Golfing in Toamasina isn't just about hitting a tiny white ball into a hole. Both clubs offer numerous recreational activities, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and fitness centers. However, the real allure lies in the welcoming expat community. Each club hosts social events and tournaments, fostering friendships and camaraderie amongst its members.

Clubhouse Atmosphere and Facilities

The stunning clubhouses at both Royal Palisses and Atchara offer comfortable, relaxing atmospheres for golfers to unwind after a round. Each includes a restaurant and bar, serving delicious local and international dishes.

Membership and Expats

Expats are warmly welcomed as members at these clubs. Membership fees vary, but include unlimited access to the courses, practice facilities, and community events. Special offers are often extended to new expat members. For those looking to try before they buy, green fees can be purchased on a pay-as-you-play basis.

Cost Considerations and Beginners

Golfing in Toamasina can be an affordable hobby for expats. Green fees are competitively priced, and equipment rentals are available for a small fee. However, beginners should be aware that some courses may have restrictions, such as playing times or lessons required for first-timers.


Golfing in Toamasina offers expats an opportunity to enjoy world-class courses, facilities, and community amidst the beauty of Madagascar. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, clubs like Royal Palisses and Atchara provide everyone with an exceptional golfing experience.