Golfing in Fes Expat Experience

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Welcome to Fes, the pearl of Morocco! This ancient city beckons expats with its rich culture, history, and friendly community. But what about those seeking a reprieve from the bustling streets? Look no further; Fes hosts a number of terrific golf clubs, promising an unforgettable expat experience.

Courses: Stunning Designs

Fes' golf courses stand out for their beauty and design challenges. The Alfitau Golf Resort boasts an 18-hole par-72 course with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains. Its challenging course includes water hazards and sand traps. La Diamanté, a nine-hole course set against the backdrop of the Ifrane forest, offers thrills to golfers of all skill levels.

Amenities: Live Lax

Golfing in Fes is all about more than just playing the game. Each club offers extensive practice facilities, ensuring your swing is never off. For those working up an appetite, indulge in the delectable Moroccan cuisine at the clubs' restaurants. These facilities often cater to families, offering childcare services and kids' play areas.

Recreation: Community Hub

Joining a golf club in Fes is an excellent opportunity to connect with the expatriate community. Members, typically a diverse group of professionals, host regular social events. These gatherings provide networking possibilities, a chance to learn new customs, and to enjoy the communal spirit of the game.

Membership: Your Ticket to the Greens

The membership packages cater to expats, featuring benefits such as reduced green fees, extended playing hours, and even access to sister clubs abroad. The annual fees vary, starting at around €3,000 for the most basic packages, with prices increasing for additional privileges.

Costs: Playing on the Greens

Playing a round of golf in Fes doesn't come cheap. Green fees for a round at a private club typically cost around €50-€150. Equipment rentals add around €20-€50 to your total expenses. Include a post-game meal, and your day on the greens sets you back a few hundred euros.

Newcomers: Warmly Welcomed

Beginners need not worry about feeling out of place in Fes' golf clubs. Many clubs provide lessons, tailored to all skill levels. Starting the game in Morocco's sun-kissed grounds undeniably makes for an incredible journey.

Conclusion: Experience the Magic

Fes, Morocco, offers a unique combination of history, culture, and nature, enhanced by its selection of exceptional golf clubs. Embrace the beauty, the community, and the warmth that awaits you in this special city. And who knows? Perhaps you'll become the next star on its hallowed greens.