Golfing in Nkayi A Paradise for Expats

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Welcome to Nkayi: Home to some of the most breathtaking golfing experiences in Africa, Nkayi, Republic of the Congo, has become a favorite destination for expats seeking a tranquil and exhilarating lifestyle.

Golf Courses in Nkayi

Nkayi boasts a varied selection of golf courses tailored to different skill levels. One notable course, Nkayi Golf Club, features breathtaking views of the Congo River and challenging par-3s and par-5s that tests even the most experienced golfers.

  • Hole 2: A Par-5 designated as the signature hole, boasting a stunning river view.
  • Hole 7: A difficult Par-3 with an elevated tee box and a deep, narrow green.
  • Hole 12: A Par-4 with a dogleg right turn and a challenging fairway bunker.

At Campo Golfe de Owando, golfers can appreciate a more leisurely and accessible course, providing great opportunities for beginners and families.

Recreational Activities and Dining Options

Beyond golf, these clubs offer an array of recreational activities, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers.

Satisfy your appetite with delightful dining options, including classic European dishes and local Congolese cuisine. Enjoy refreshing beverages at clubhouse bars and take in stunning vistas.

Exclusive Membership Perks

Considering joining? Expat memberships come with exclusive perks, including discounted green fees, guest privileges, and priority access to events.

Special Offers for Expats

Some exclusive deals for expats: Introductory membership fees, companionship packages, and special discounts on equipment rentals.

Cost Analysis

Golfing in Nkayi varies in cost, with green fees ranging from affordable to premium prices. Renting equipment typically costs around $25 per round. Add a post-round meal and beverage, and your total investment for a day on the greens averages around $100. However, some clubs may offer lower-cost packages for expat community members.


Golf clubs in Nkayi offer instruction programs, with group and individual lessons available for expat newcomers.

In conclusion, Nkayi provides an unparalleled golfing experience unlike any other, tailor-made for expats. These clubs offer an enriching atmosphere, unmatched community connections, and diverse amenities – simply a must-visit for adventure-seeking travelers and professionals settling in this hidden gem.