Expat Havens in So Tom Beyond the Tourist Trail

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São Tomé in São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa is often overlooked as a tourist destination, but it is a hidden gem for expats seeking a taste of home in tropical paradise.

Uncovering Hidden Culinary Treasures

Hidden among the sea of tourist traps in São Tomé can be found local restaurants owned and operated by expats. From quaint bistros to hole-in-the-wall eateries, each establishment offers a unique dining experience characterized by authentic flavors and a welcoming atmosphere.

Insights and Experiences

Eating at these hidden culinary treasures provides expats with more than just a meal; it offers an opportunity to connect with the local community and create shared memories over food.

"As a first-time expat, I remember walking into Tito's restaurant and feeling like I had found my home. The owner, Tito, is from Angola and moved to São Tomé around 25 years ago. He welcomed me with open arms and his passion for Portuguese cuisine was evident in every dish.

Fusion World Cuisine

São Tomé's expat-owned restaurants showcase a diverse array of culinary offerings, with fusion creations that reflect the flavors of around the world. From Brazilian to Indian, Japanese to African, it's a melting pot of world flavors.

Join the Culinary Conversation

Eating at these hidden culinary treasures is more than just a dining experience; it is a community. Share your favorite hidden restaurant and memorable dining experiences with other expats to foster a sense of culinary camaraderie in São Tomé.


Expat-owned restaurants are more than just eateries for expats; they are culinary ambassadors that enrich the local dining scene in São Tomé with their diverse flavors and cultural influences. Discover the hidden gastronomic treasures beyond the tourist trail, and savor the flavors of community and connection while you're at it.