Fatick Golf Clubs for Expats

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Expatriates traveling to or residing in Fatick, Senegal, Africa may be wondering what ways they can enjoy their sporting skills. Or perhaps you are simply a golf enthusiast looking for your next adventure. Lucky for you, Fatick has a thriving golf scene with exceptional courses and clubs for players of all levels.

Top Golf Clubs in Fatick

Here are some of the top golf clubs in Fatick:

  • Fatick Golf Club - Satellite Golf Club located in Solo touman, 10 km from Fatick city center, with a par 72 course,8 holes showers, and a pro shop.
  • Ceinture du Golf - Located in Keurakchâne, with a par 72 course, a putting green, a golf school, and a restaurant.

Pars and Features

It's important to know the pars of the courses and their unique features before heading out on the green. Here's a brief overview of the courses:

  • Fatick Golf Club - The par 72 course has varying levels of difficulty, from easy to challenging. It's a relatively new course, but it's already gaining popularity for its excellent greens and hole design.
  • Ceinture du Golf - The par 72 course is challenging for experienced golfers and suitable for beginners. The course has a wide range of pars on each hole, and the greens are well-maintained.

Clubhouse Atmosphere and Services

After your round, head to the clubhouse to relax and enjoy the daily food and beverage service. The clubhouse atmosphere varies from the modern to the rustic, but all offer a welcoming environment for members and guests.

  • Fatick Golf Club - The clubhouse offers a restaurant, bar, and pro shop. Membership includes access to the facility and use of the practice ranges.
  • Ceinture du Golf - The clubhouse features a restaurant, bar, and a golf shop. Membership includes access to the premises and a usage of the driving range, putting green and golf lessons.

Membership Options and Benefits

Membership options vary from monthly to annual. Insurance coverage for liability is provided for all players.

  • Fatick Golf Club - Monthly up to 2 rounds fee, Quarterly up to 7 rounds fee, annual up to 80 rounds fee.
  • Ceinture du Golf - Quarterly up to 25 rounds fee,annual up to 60 rounds fee.

Costs Associated with Playing Golf

It's important to understand the costs that come with playing golf, such as green fees, equipment rentals, and additional expenses. Here's a breakdown of the costs:

  • Green Fees - Green fees vary depending on the club and the time of the year.
  • Equipment Rental - Equipment rentals are available at both clubs for an additional fee.
  • Food and Beverage - Both clubs have food and beverage options available for purchase.

Restrictions for Beginners