Golfing in Atakpam A Haven for Expat Golfers

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\ Atakpamé, the bustling commercial hub of Togo in Africa, is not only known for its thriving businesses but also its impressive golfing scene. This article aims to inspire expat golfers living in or considering Atakpamé as their new home with an in-depth exploration of the area's top golf clubs. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as we delve into the unique features, amenities, and community aspects of these exceptional golfing destinations.\

\ 1. Atakpamé Golf Club: A Challenging Masterpiece\

\ Founded in 1997, the Atakpamé Golf Club boasts an 18-hole championship golf course, the longest and most challenging in Togo. Designed by the renowned South African Gary Player, this golfing gem spans over 6,354 meters, with a par of 72.\

\ The atmosphere is one of tranquility and exclusivity, with lush vegetation and a serene lake providing an idyllic setting for passionate golfers. The practice facilities include a driving range, putting green, and chipping area, ensuring golfers can hone their skills no matter their experience level.\

\ The clubhouse is a gathering spot for golf enthusiasts, offering a well-stocked pro shop, bar, and restaurant. Members and guests can enjoy quality meals while delighting in the stunning golf course views. Additionally, social activities are frequently organized, adding to the vibrant community spirit.\

\ Membership options range from annual personal memberships to corporate memberships, with special packages available for expats. The latter includes preference access to tournaments, discounted green fees, and the opportunity to join the prestigious expat community within the club.\

\ Green fees start from 50,000 CFA, with additional costs for equipment rental and meals. The exclusive access to the club's facilities and premier golfing experience make these prices a worthwhile investment for dedicated enthusiasts.\

\ 2. Tsodzi Golf Club: A Hidden Gem for Beginners\

\ Alternatively, the Tsodzi Golf Club in the nearby town of Sokodé offers a more accessible experience, particularly for beginner golfers. With only a 9-hole course of 2,668 meters and a par of 33, Tsodzi is comparatively shorter and less challenging than its counterpart in Atakpamé.\

\ Tsodzi Golf Club boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting all levels of golfers to join their community. Similar amenities are offered, including a driving range and putting green, though on a more modest scale.\

\ Annual membership fees start from 25,000 CFA, accommodating a broader range of golfing enthusiasts. Green fees range from 10,000 to 15,000 CFA, and equipment rental is available. The club's lower cost and scaled-down facilities cater perfectly to those new to the sport, allowing them to learn and grow in a supportive community.\

\ Conclusion\

\ Both the Atakpamé Golf Club and Tsodzi Golf Club present exceptional opportunities for expats seeking a fulfilling golfing experience in Togo. Whether an experienced golfer seeking a challenging course or a beginner looking to learn the sport in a nurturing environment, both clubs offer unique advantages within their respective niches.\

\ Beyond the golf courses, the clubs provide a space for building valuable friendships and making lifelong connections within the expat community. So pack your bags, grab your clubs, and get ready for a rejuvenating expat golfing adventure in Togo! \