Expat Culinary Gems of Sousse

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Sousse, Tunisia in Africa, is a vibrant city steeped in rich history and culture. Its culinary landscape is as diverse and intriguing as its people. Beyond the tourist trail, a world of hidden gastronomic treasures awaits expats.

Beyond the Obvious

Go beyond the well-trodden tourist trail and discover the lesser-known eateries owned and operated by expatriates. From cozy bistros to quaint cafes and hole-in-the-wall establishments, each restaurant offers a unique dining experience characterized by authentic flavors and a welcoming atmosphere.

Personal Connections

Expat Jen, a long-term resident of Sousse, shares her experience:

Culinary Melting Pot

Expand your palate with a diverse array of cuisines and dishes offered by expat-owned restaurants. Experience:

Join the Culinary Conversation

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