Unearthing ExpatLed Hidden Gems in Smaras Culinary Landscape

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Welcome to the rich culinary landscape of Smara in Western Sahara, Africa, where expatriates have carved out their own culinary havens during the bustling tourist season. Dedicated expat chefs and restaurateurs in Smara are providing deep cravings for authentic tastes of home while fostering communities with shared meals. Let us unveil these hidden gastronomic gems and create your expat culinary adventure.

Exploring Hidden Culinary Treasures

Quaint bistros and hole-in-the-wall eateries are the undiscovered selections that embellish the diverse culinary scene of Smara, West Sahara, Africa. Escape the tourist trail and follow us on a virtual culinary tour of expat-owned and -operated restaurants, including "Le Thalassa" by the Café des Casseurs and "La Terrasse des Epices," a rustic restaurant with succulent dishes.

Insights and Experiences

"Le Thalassa" by the Café des Casseurs is a beloved expat hangout with a menu that ranges from traditional Moroccan to fresh seafood, crafted by Chef Nadine. The restaurant's warm atmosphere, scented with essences both Moroccan and Nordic, fosters connections among its diverse clientele. Locals and expats come together to celebrate community over shared meals at "La Terrasse des Epices," offering live music, convivial vibes, and delicious fusion cuisine.

From Appetizers to Desserts

"Le Thalassa" offers a variety of mouthwatering appetizers, including the seafood platter and soulful escargots burgundiens, which are encased in butter and served with garlic bread. For entrées, choose from the scrumptious Moroccan-fusion menu at "La Terrasse des Epices" or indulge in the decadent burger at "George's Burger Joint," a popular expat haunt with American influences.

Expat-Led Hidden Gems: Join the Culinary Conversation

Delve deeper into our collection of undiscovered restaurants and share your own favorites in Smara in Western Sahara, Africa. Our culinary community welcomes shared experiences and recommendations, helping to enrich the expat dining scene in our beautiful region.


As culinary ambassadors, expat-owned and -operated restaurants in Smara in Western Sahara, Africa, are enriching the local dining scene with diverse flavors and cultural influences. Escape the tourist trail and embark on your own culinary adventure in Smara, indulging in hidden gastronomic treasures and sharing the joy of community and connection. Gather at "Le Thalassa" by the Café des Casseurs, "George's Burger Joint," and "La Terrasse des Epices" to savor the unique tastes of Smara, Africa.