Golfing in Barisal A Haven for Expats

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Barisal, a bustling city in southwestern Bangladesh, is not only known for its rich history and natural beauty but also for its excellent golfing facilities. With the expat community growing in Barisal, we delve into the top golf clubs in and around the city offering top-notch experiences for both long-term residents and visitors.

World-Class Golf Courses

First on our list is the Royal Barisal Golf Club, which boasts an 18-hole golf course stretching over 6,000 yards. Its par-72 course, designed by Kevin Ramsey and Neil Harvey, tests golfers of all skill levels with challenging holes, water hazards, and strategically placed sand traps. The scenic fairways surrounded by lush greenery and exotic flora create a charming yet competitive atmosphere perfect for golf enthusiasts. Another prominent club is the Shahjadpur Golf Club, which features an 18-hole course designed by renowned course architects Gary Player and Roger Rulewich.

Practice Facilities

Improve your swing at the nearby golf academies, such as the Barisal Golf Academy, where professional trainers use advanced techniques to enhance your game. Additionally, most clubs, including the Royal Barisal Golf Club, offer driving ranges, putting greens, and chipping areas for members and guests to practice their skills.

Dining and Socializing

After a good round of golf, unwind in the beautifully decorated clubhouses providing elegant dining options and socializing areas. Choose from a variety of cuisines, including local Bengali delicacies, at these clubs, such as the Royal Barisal Golf Club and the Shahjadpur Golf Club.

Recreational Activities

Apart from golfing, these clubs house a range of other amenities for families and friends to enjoy, including spas, swimming pools, tennis courts, children's play areas, and fitness centers. Members can also indulge in cultural events and workshops organized by the clubs' social committees, making for a well-rounded community experience.

Membership and Community

Becoming a member at these clubs offers various benefits such as discounts on green fees, access to private events, loyalty points, and preferred tee times. As a member, you can also take advantage of reciprocal membership agreements with other clubs, allowing you to enjoy golfing at various locations. The diverse membership base consists of diplomats, business leaders, and expats, making for an excellent networking opportunity.

Cost Analysis

The cost of playing golf in Barisal includes the following:

  1. Green fees: Ranges from BDT 3,000 (approximately USD 35) to BDT 8,000 (approximately USD 94) per round
  2. Equipment rental: BDT 1,500 (approximately USD 18) per set
  3. Cart fee: An additional BDT 1,500 (approximately USD 18) – BDT 3,000 (approximately USD 35) for a round
  4. Membership fees: Varying depending on the type, starting from BDT 50,000 (approximately USD 588) per annum

Restrictions for Beginners

Most clubs in Barisal welcome beginner-level golfers, offering various events and training sessions to help them improve their skills. However, it is advised to contact the clubs directly for specific information regarding beginner access to their courses, training facilities, and membership options.

Experience Golfing in Barisal

As a member or a guest, golfing in Barisal offers an opportunity to meet like-minded expats, engage in exhilarating recreational activities, and enjoy a rich social and cultural experience. Enjoy the challenge of playing on picturesque courses, make lasting friendships, and strengthen your connection with the expat community in Barisal.