Golfing in Khulna ExpatFriendly Clubs

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Golfing in Khulna, Bangladesh: An Expat's Guide

Khulna, a bustling city in southern Bangladesh, offers an unexpected delight for expats: world-class golf clubs. These clubs provide a perfect balance of recreation, community, and luxury and are an excellent option for expats looking for exceptional leisure experiences.

Top Golf Clubs in Khulna

This article introduces three top-tier golf clubs in and around Khulna, each with unique features that cater to expats:

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Expat-Friendly Memberships

These golf clubs welcome expats with open arms, offering special discounts and tailored membership packages to cater to their unique requirements.

Membership Options

Memberships range from annual to lifetime packages, providing various benefits such as:

  • Unlimited golfing
  • Free use of practice facilities
  • Reduced green fees for guests
  • Preferential tee time reservations
  • Discounted rates for food and beverage
  • Free access to swimming pools, saunas, and gyms

Cost Analysis

The golf clubs in Khulna offer high-value experiences, but they also come with varying costs:

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Restrictions for Beginners

Beginners are welcome, with most clubs offering introduction programs and golf academies tailored to their needs. However, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all members, certain restrictions may apply, including:

  • Limited access to the championship course
  • Restricted tee times
  • Compulsory participation in beginner-friendly classes


Golfing in Khulna presents an excellent opportunity for expats to explore lesser-known aspects of Bangladesh while enjoying world-class amenities and experiences. With various expat-friendly golf clubs offering discounts, tailored memberships, and beginner programs, golfing in Khulna becomes an engaging and luxurious indulgence for expats settling in or traveling to the region.