Xian Golf ExpatFriendly Clubs in China

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Welcome to Xi'an, the ancient capital city of China, home to a thriving expat community and a burgeoning golf scene. Though Xi'an itself didn't hold the title of 'Coffee Capital,' we're here to discuss the city's impressive golf offerings. In this comprehensive article, we'll introduce you to Xi'an's most expat-welcoming golf clubs, delving deep into their courses, facilities, and unique features, ensuring a satisfying round for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Top Xi'an Golf Clubs for Expats

1. Xi'an Golden Hans Golf Club: Known for its diverse layout with eight eighteen-hole courses, this premier club offers an ideal setting for golfers of all levels. The well-manicured fairways are enriched with a historical ambiance, making every game a memorable adventure.


- Eight eighteen-hole courses of varying difficulty levels:

  1. Sanyuanliang: Designed by the renowned Chinese golfer Liu Kunwu, this course boasts a challenging layout.
  2. Baiyanggou: Featuring long par 4s and 5s, this course rewards patience and strategy.

Community and Membership

The expat-friendly clubs in Xi'an value their members, creating a welcoming community. Membership packages offer numerous benefits:

  • Priority access to courses andevents
  • Discounted green fees
  • Access to exclusive dining options
  • Recreational facilities and services

Costs and Accessibility

Golfing in Xi'an's expat-friendly clubs is an investment in a rewarding hobby, with multiple options:

  • Membership fees: Starting from RMB 150,000 (approx. USD 23,000)
  • Green fees: Ranging between RMB 200-RMB 1,000 (approx. USD 30-USD 150) per round
  • Equipment rentals: RMB 50-300 (approx. USD 8-USD 45) per hour

Beginners are welcome as many clubs offer lessons and encouragement.

As you immerse yourself in the rich culture and golf scene of Xi'an, we're confident the expat-friendly golf clubs we've introduced will enhance your journey, ensuring a fulfilling golfing experience throughout your stay in China.


Xi'an's golf clubs proudly welcome expats, offering world-class courses, facilities, and community amenities. By highlighting the courses, discussing the unique features, exploring membership options, and evaluating the costs, we've provided everything you need to know to find the perfect golf club to fit your lifestyle in Xi'an, China.