Golfing in Penang A Paradise for Expats

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Welcome to Penang, a vibrant and culturally rich destination in Malaysia that continues to captivate the hearts of expats worldwide. This diverse metropolis is more than just its famous street art and authentic local cuisine - it's also a golfer's paradise. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the best golf clubs in Penang and the nearby areas, promising you a unique and memorable golfing experience:

Penang National Golf and Country Club

Our first stop is the Penang National Golf and Country Club, where you'll find two captivating 18-hole golf courses - the Bukit and the Kebun courses.

Bukit Course: Designed by Ronald Fream, Bukit boasts 18 challenging holes, including a stunning par-3 13th hole that features a water hazard and picturesque views of the coastal forests.

Kebun Course: Embrace the natural beauty of this 18-hole course as it winds through undulating landscapes, providing breathtaking vistas of Penang Hill and the Andaman Sea.

Both courses offer a range of amenities to ensure a premium golfing experience. Work on perfecting your game at the driving range and practice putting greens. Refuel and relax at the Country Club's extensive dining options, which include local and international favorites.

Bayan Lepas Golf Resort

Next on our list is Bayan Lepas Golf Resort, a renowned destination for golf enthusiasts in Penang. With an 18-hole golf course designed by Ronald Fream, players of all skill levels can enjoy themselves here.

Facilities: In addition to an impressive golf course, you'll find a driving range, putting green, pro shop, and a restaurant serving delicious dishes.

Recreational Activities and Community

Penang's golf clubs are more than just great courses. membership opens the door to a rich social scene and a diverse community of golfers. Join regular events, tournaments, and workshops to connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

Membership Plans and Fees

Membership options and fees vary from club to club. Contact the respective golf clubs to learn more about their membership plans, such as individual, family, and corporate plans, as well as any special offers for expats.

Additional Costs

Besides membership fees, consider the variable costs associated with golfing at these clubs. Green fees for visitors range from MYR 150 to MYR 350 per round (approximately USD 35 to USD 80), while equipment rentals cost around MYR 50 per hour. Factoring in additional expenses like refreshments and transportation, make sure to budget accordingly.

Beginner-friendly Clubs

If you're a beginner or new to golf, consider joining the Penang Golf Academy, which operates under Bayan Lepas Golf Resort. This academy offers professional coaching services, workshops, and discounted membership plans for beginners. Embrace the golfing community in Penang with confidence, knowing you're in good hands.

Golfing in Penang: Your New Hobby and Home

Penang and its neighboring areas have much to offer, both for the experienced golfer and the beginner. With a wealth of world-class golf clubs, lively communities, and unforgettable experiences, embarking on a golfing adventure here is not just a casual curiosity - it could very well become your new hobby and home.