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English Harbour in Antigua and Barbuda is not just a beautiful coastal town; it's also a luxurious and vibrant community for expats, often described as a 'little slice of paradise.' Among the many perks of living here, English Harbour offers exceptional golfing experiences that cater to both beginners and seasoned players. In this article, we'll delve into the expat-friendly golf clubs in and around English Harbour, their amenities, unique offerings, and the engaging community aspects that make them truly unforgettable.

Top-Notch Golfing Amenities:

Prepare to tee off at some of the most stunning and well-maintained golf courses in the Caribbean. These courses present a challenging yet enjoyable playground for golfers seeking diversity and picturesque landscapes:

  1. \ Cobbs Hill Golf Club: With a classic seaside layout, Cobbs Hill boasts lush greens, tight fairways, and several water hazards, providing an engaging experience for golfers of all skill levels. Its breathtaking panoramic views also make for an unforgettable backdrop during your game.\
  2. \ Jumby Bay Golf Course: Located on a private island accessed only by ferry, this charming golf course provides a serene and exclusive setting for a memorable round. Its unique challenges include blind shots, difficult water hazards, and a spectacular 18th hole—a stunning par 5 that plays along the ocean with sensational views.

World-Class Practice Facilities:

Whether you want to hone your skills or learn the game from scratch, these golf clubs deliver top-tier practice facilities:

  • Modern driving ranges with target greens
  • Chipping and putting greens with instructional areas
  • PGA certified instructors to help you improve
  • Video analysis services for a more personalized coaching experience

Savory Dining Options:

Expats in English Harbour can't get enough of these golf clubs' culinary offerings:

  • Refined restaurants with locally-sourced, international cuisine and top-shelf wine lists
  • Golfers' lounges and bars—perfect for a laid-back lunch or post-game drink
  • Al fresco dining options overlooking the courses for a truly unique dining experience

Comprehensive Recreational Activities:

Golf is not the only draw for expats in these clubs. They offer a wealth of other activities to keep you engaged:

  • Swimming pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Fitness centres
  • Yoga and Pilates classes
  • Spas and therapeutic massage services

Engaging Clubhouse Atmosphere:

English Harbour's golf clubs are not just about the game. They foster a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages social interaction and community building:

  • Members-only events and social gatherings
  • Golf tournaments and leagues for all ages and skill levels
  • Staff-led activities and workshops aimed at encouraging camaraderie and personal growth among members

Membership: Diversity and Inclusivity:

The expat community in English Harbour thrives on inclusivity and welcoming new members:

  • Various membership categories, including individual, family, and corporate memberships
  • Flexible membership plans catering to different lifestyles and schedules
  • Special discounts for expatriates and long-term residents

Costs and Availability:

English Harbour's golf clubs offer an unparalleled lifestyle experience, but what does it cost to join?

  • Membership fees range from $5,000 to $20,000, or more, depending on the club and membership plan
  • Green fees for non-memberstypically start at $100 for a round of golf
  • Equipment rentals, course access, and spa services could add to your total expenses
  • Special membership offers, discounts, and payment plans are available for expats

Before joining a particular golf club, expats are recommended to do thorough research, visit the club, and consider their needs, priorities, and budget.

Restrictions for Beginners:

While English Harbour's golf clubs actively encourage golfing newcomers, there may be some restrictions for beginners:

  • Certified instructors might request proof of prior lessons or course experience before providing private lessons
  • Some clinics, workshops, and events may be restricted to members or have attendance caps

Nonetheless, these clubs often have robust junior programs and flexible membership plans that cater to beginners and help them grow as golfers. Be sure to check with the specific golf club for their policies and programs aimed at new members.


For expats seeking a welcoming, inclusive, and luxurious lifestyle in English Harbour, these golf clubs embody the essence of a perfect blend of community, recreation, and relaxation. Providing world-class golf courses, practice facilities, dining options, social gatherings, and exceptional member services, they inspire a rich, fulfilling experience for every aspect of your life.