Discovering ExpatOwned Restaurants in Hamilton Bermuda

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Are you feeling tired of the same old tourist-heavy restaurants in Hamilton, Bermuda? Look no further than the thriving expat community of chefs and food lovers who have curated their own unique dining experiences, showcasing the diversity of flavors and cultures both local and international.

Embark on a Virtual Culinary Tour

Let's start our culinary adventure by exploring some of the lesser-known eateries owned and operated by expatriates in Hamilton. These hidden gems offer a refreshing escape from the tourist hordes and a taste of home for expats.

1. The Spanish Lancer

One of the most cherished hidden gems in Hamilton's dining scene, The Spanish Lancer is a cozy tapas bar offering authentic Spanish tapas dishes crafted with love and care. Savor classic plates like patatas bravas and tortilla española, accompanied by a glass of a formidable Spanish wine.

2. The Berkeley

A back-alley gem tucked away off Reid's Court, The Berkeley is a restaurant that serves up modern American cuisine with an international twist. The menu features surprise ingredients, which makes every visit to this hidden gem an exciting culinary surprise.

3. Oishii

A relaxed sushi bar with a view of Fort St. Catherine, Oishii offers a tranquil atmosphere that makes it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a delectable plate of sashimi or nigiri. Be sure to sample their special fusion creations.

Insights and Experiences

The expat dining scene in Hamilton is more than just a collection of restaurants - it's a community of people who share a passion for food and culture. By dining at these lesser-known restaurants, expats can form connections and exchange stories with locals and fellow expats alike.

Kate, a Canadian expat living in Hamilton, recounts her favorite dining experience at Oishii. "I've lived in Hamilton for three years, and Oishii is always my go-to spot for a delicious meal and a chance to catch up with friends. It's a hidden gem that I never would have found if not for the local expat community," she shares.

Similarly, Chef Diego, the owner of The Spanish Lancer, has made a name for himself as a culinary ambassador for Spain in Hamilton. "I'm proud to bring a piece of my homeland to this beautiful city," he says. "I hope that by sharing our food and culture, we can create a sense of community and foster connections among expats and locals alike."

From Appetizers to Desserts

The expat-owned restaurants in Hamilton offer a diverse array of cuisines and dishes, from traditional favorites to innovative fusion creations. Here are some standout options:

1. The Spanish Lancer

Aside from their celebrity Spanish dishes, The Spanish Lancer also serves up a delightful assortment of tapas, including croquetas and tortilla española. Pair your tapas with a glass of robust Spanish wine to savor the full flavor of their authentic cuisine.

2. Oishii

For appetizers, The Berkeley serves up a unique twist on traditional dishes like octopus carpaccio and foie gras sliders. Their special fusion creations, like miso-glazed mackerel and Korean-style tacos, are must-tries for adventurous palates.

3. The Berkeley

For a sweet treat, head to The Berkeley's second-floor lounge, which boasts a wide selection of desserts, including homemade ice cream and towering cakes. Indulge in their signature cocktails and enjoy a taste of heaven with every bite.

Join the Culinary Conversation

Embark on your own culinary adventure by sharing your favorite hidden restaurants and memorable dining experiences in Hamilton with us. Tell us about your favorite expat-owned eateries and how they have impacted your experience living as an expat in Hamilton. Likewise, share your top tips for finding these hidden gems and find