Innsbrucks Expat Golf Clubs A Comprehensive Guide

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Innsbruck, Austria, not only boasts breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, but it also caters to the active lifestyle preferences of its expat community. Among the various activities, golf has gained significant popularity. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the top golf clubs near Innsbruck, providing insights into their amenities, community, and values tailored to expatriates.

Premium Golfing Experience

Start your golfing journey at the Alpine Golf Club Innsbruck, located just a short drive from Innsbruck's city center. Spanning 2,583 meters, this beautifully designed 18-hole golf course promises challenging pars and stunning views of the surrounding Alpine landscape. The course features narrow fairways, water hazards, and strategically placed bunkers, providing an engaging experience for golfers of all levels. Rent top-tier equipment from the pro shop and enjoy a meal at the clubhouse restaurant after your game.

Amenities and Facilities

Apart from the Alpine Golf Club Innsbruck, the Telfes Golf Club and the Kühtai Golf Club are two other popular choices. Both clubs offer extensive practice facilities, making them an excellent choice for expat golfers looking to perfect their swings. Telfes Golf Club, in particular, excels with its driving range and putting greens, guaranteeing ample opportunities for skill enhancement. After an invigorating day on the course, unwind in the clubhouse sauna or enjoy a delicious meal in the clubhouse restaurant.

A Sense of Community among Golfing Expats

Joining these exclusive clubs opens the door to a vibrant community of golfing expats. Take part in tournaments, social events, and networking sessions, creating a strong network of like-minded individuals. By being a member, you also gain access to special offers and discounts, providing additional value to your golfing lifestyle.

Membership Options and Fees

Annual membership fees for these clubs range from €2,500 to €5,000, depending on location and membership tier. These fees grant you unlimited access to the golf courses, practice facilities, clubhouse services, and various events. For added convenience, monthly payment plans are available. Be sure to check with each respective club for any exclusive expatriate membership offers.


Besides membership fees, additional costs include green fees, ranging from €30 to €80 per round, depending on the season and the specific club. Equipment rentals can be rented on a per-use basis, with prices starting at €15. Consider purchasing a starter set for better long-term value. Certain clubs also offer accommodation packages, providing you with the perfect combination of golf, relaxation, and culture.

Beginners Welcome

No need to worry if you're just starting your golfing journey. All of these clubs offer beginner-friendly courses and opportunities to improve your game. Take advantage of group lessons and personal coaching sessions, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for novice golfers.


Embrace the vibrant golfing community in Innsbruck, Austria, by choosing a top-tier golf club tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Each of the mentioned clubs offers exceptional amenities, opportunities for improvement, and the chance to connect with like-minded expat individuals. From beginners to advanced golfers, these clubs promise a golfing lifestyle rich in adventure, culture, and networking opportunities.