Navigating Coffee Culture An Expats Guide to Faroe Islands

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Welcome expatriates to the rich tapestry of coffee culture in Faroe Islands! Whether you are a long-time resident or a newcomer, we offer insights and tips for navigating the local coffee scene. From coffee origins and production to favorite coffee style drinks and coffee drinking customs and traditions, this guide will help you immerse yourself in Faroe Islands' unique coffee culture while respecting local customs and traditions.

Understanding Coffee Origins and Production

The Faroe Islands' coffee culture is deeply interconnected with its agricultural heritage. While coffee is not yet commercially produced locally, the islands import high-quality beans from neighboring countries like Iceland and Greenland, adding unique flavors to their coffee culture. Expatriates who seek to explore the local coffee scene can take day trips to coffee plantations and farms in neighboring countries. Large-scale coffee farms are also dotted across Europe, particularly in countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain, providing magnificent landmarks for expats for a short trip. A coffee plantation tour reveals several fascinating aspects, including the harvesting and cultivation processes, coffee bean processing methods, roasting techniques, and storage practices.

Embracing Favorite Coffee Style Drinks

Faroe Islands' coffee culture radiates with vibrant coffee style drinks spanning traditional brews, specialty blends, and popular coffee beverages unique to the region. Some of the most well-known coffee styles favored in Faroe Islands include:

  • Faroese Coffee (kaffe á Føroya teljin): The Faroe Islands' unique coffee blend that comprises dark roast coffee beans expertly mixed with licorice. The licorice flavor provides a unique taste sensation and amplifies the intensity of the coffee.
  • Turbo Espresso: This specialty blend combines an espresso shot with milk and sugar, providing a bold every-day drink for coffee enthusiasts. It offers a smooth texture and well-balanced taste, enhanced by the high-quality beans imported from neighboring countries.
  • Finn juice: This unique coffee style drink combines coffee with licorice and whiskey, providing a bold, boozy taste sensation. While it is slowly gaining popularity in Faroe Islands, many expats find Finn juice an acquired taste, particularly due to the high alcohol content.
  • Latte Macchiato: This classic Italian coffee style drink comprises an espresso shot, a splash of steamed milk, and a small measure of frothed milk artfully arranged on the surface. It offers a creamy texture and well-balanced taste.
  • Cappuccino: Made from an espresso shot, heated milk, and a generous sprinkling of cocoa powder, the cappuccino provides an enduring Italian coffee style experience that guarantees a thrilling experience. It is popularly consumed mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Embracing Coffee Drinking Customs and Traditions

Faroe Islands' coffee culture is deeply interconnected with its cultural heritage and traditions. While coffee is an integral part of daily life in Faroe Islands, its cultural significance goes beyond just a beverage. The locals offer insights and advice on coffee drinking customs and traditions through:

  • Coffee Rituals: Coffee rituals are recognized throughout Faroe Islands as an expression of hospitality and social networking. The ritual comprising a cup of coffee, a sandwich, and excellent conversation is a key aspect of Faroe Islands' coffee drinking culture, providing expats with insight into the region's social dynamics.
  • Cafe Culture: The cafe culture is an enduring feature of Faroe Islands' coffee drinking custom. A well-established network of cafes brimming with locals and tourists alike constitutes a significant aspect of the country's cafe culture overview. The cafes offer an exceptional mix of coffee, classic pastries, and comfortable seating arrangements, ensuring an exceptional coffee drinking experience for expats.
  • Coffee Etiquette: Faroe Islands' coffee drinking custom is steeped in etiquette that guides expats on the appropriate way to drink, consume, and engage with coffee. For instance, while expats are welcome to order specialty blends and unique coffee style drinks, it's considered impolite to finish one's drink in rapid succession. Alternatively, savoring the coffee slowly is a better approach to immerse oneself in Faroe Islands' coffee drinking culture.


As expats settle into Faroe Islands' coffee culture, they are encouraged to embrace the vibrant coffee culture as a gateway to connecting with local communities and experiencing authentic cultural experiences. Whether it's exploring coffee plantations and farms, learning new coffee drinking customs and traditions, enjoying unique coffee style drinks, or socializing in Faroe Islands' coffee shops and cafes, expats are provided with rich insights, advice, and opportunities to immerse themselves in this enriching cultural experience. In a global era where coffee culture plays a pivotal role in everyday life, Faroe Islands' coffee culture represents a fascinating study of social dynamics, cultural heritage, and tradition, providing expats with insight into local practices and habits that help them feel more at home.