Golfing in Turku Premier Clubs for Expats

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Welcome expats to Turku, Finland, where golfing is not just a pastime but a cherished tradition. This comprehensive guide explores the premier golf clubs surrounding Turku, providing an insider's look into their unique features, memberships, and costs.

Turku's Premier Golf Clubs

1. Turun Golfiniidan (\"Turku Golf Club\"): Founded in 1931, this club boasts a stunning location beside the Aura River. With three courses, a driving range, and extensive practice facilities, expats here enjoy varied and robust golfing opportunities.

Golf Courses

Turun Golfiniidan offers a diverse set of courses, including the 18-hole Tourucourse, the 9-hole Kakkuri course, and the practice course. This variety caters to individuals of varying skill levels, ensuring a perfect round for all.

Dining and Socializing

The clubhouse is an inviting space, offering members and guests a range of dining options. Enjoy a hearty meal in the classic Tervasaari restaurant or the modern Sohvinalle a la carte venue. The club also hosts an array of social events, allowing members to engage with the community.

Membership and Demographics

The membership base of Turun Golfiniidan is diverse, drawing both local Finns and expatriates. With a vibrant community spirit, expats will feel welcome and included in this long-standing golfing institution.

Price and Membership

Membership to Turun Golfiniidan includes unlimited access to all courses, practice facilities, and clubhouse offerings. Fees vary based on individual, student, and family plans. Expats can benefit from special introductory membership offers.

Playing Costs

Green fees for non-members range from €35 to €80, depending on the course and time of year. Equipment rentals are available for a nominal fee. Expats can take advantage of member pricing when participating in club events or engaging in pre-booked tee times.

Other Excellent Golf Clubs near Turku

Two more notable golf clubs near Turku are Myllykylä Golf and Naantali CC. Both offer high-quality experiences with similar amenities, allowing expats to explore various options in the area.

Unique Features and Challenges

Each club offers unique features, from Myllykylä's picturesque lakeside location to Naantali CC's storied history. Golfing in Turku presents a stimulating challenge for expats, with varying degrees of difficulty that cater to experienced and novice players alike.

Turku: A Golfing Haven in Finland

Turku's wealth of golf clubs offers an exceptional experience for the expat community. With varied courses, luxurious amenities, and engaging social opportunities, golfing in Turku promises to be a memorable and enriching venture.