Tee Off in Batumi A Comprehensive Guide to Golf Clubs for Expat Golf

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Greetings golf aficionados! Batumi, Georgia in Europe is not just a beautiful destination for expats - it's also a hidden gem for golf lovers. With its stunning landscapes and mild climate, it's no surprise that the city is home to a variety of impressive golf clubs, each offering their own unique amenities, features, and challenges. In this guide, we'll shed light on some of the top golf clubs in Batumi and what they have to offer for both members and guests.

Our Top Golf Clubs in Batumi

  1. Batumi Golf Club: Located near the beach, Batumi Golf Club offers lush greens with challenging pars. The course was designed by Atlanta-based golf course architect, John LaForge, and offers a range of practice facilities, including a driving range, putting greens, and chipping greens. The clubhouse welcomes visitors with a pro shop, restaurant, and bar. The Batumi Golf Club is an excellent choice for both experienced and beginner golfers.
  2. Zighuri Dopeni Golf Club: Nestled in the mountains, the Zighuri Dopeni Golf Club has a reputation for its astonishing beauty and difficulty. Designed by Scotland's Michael Hepburn, the course features 18 holes with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The clubhouse offers a restaurant, bar, and pro shop for visitors. This exclusive golf club is perfect for serious golfers looking for a challenging experience.
  3. Utsadia Golf Club: Known for its tranquil location, Utsadia Golf Club offers a serene escape from the city. The course was designed by Italy's Marco Bonanome and features 9 holes with stunning views of the Black Sea. The clubhouse includes a restaurant, bar, and a small retail area. Utsadia Golf Club is an excellent choice for golfers who want a more relaxed and leisurely experience.

Key Features of Golf Clubs in Batumi

  • Green Fees: Green fees vary depending on the club and time of day/season. Generally, green fees range from 10-30 GEL per person per round.
  • Equipment Rentals: Most golf clubs offer equipment rentals for visitors who do not have their own equipment. Equipment rental costs range from 5-20 GEL per hour per item.
  • Caternary Services: Golf clubs often offer catering services for events, tournaments, and special occasions. The cost and menu vary depending on the club and event.
  • Membership Options: Golf clubs typically offer membership options for visitors who want to enjoy the club's amenities on a regular basis. Membership fees range from 200-500 GEL per month, depending on the club and level of access.
  • Restrictions for Beginners: Golf clubs may have restrictions for beginners, such as only allowing fewer than 18 holes per round, or requiring a handicap certificate.

Explore the Community Aspect of Batumi's Golf Clubs

In addition to the challenges and amenities that golf clubs offer, they also provide an opportunity to connect with other golf enthusiasts in Batumi. Each club has its own community aspect, with regular events, tournaments, and social gatherings. For example, the Zighuri Dopeni Golf Club hosts a