Expatsresent Frankfurt Golf Clubs

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Frankfurt is a thriving city in Germany, known for its rich history and vibrant culture. Whether you're an expat looking for your next home or just a visitor hoping to experience the city, Frankurt offers plenty of fun activities to enjoy. One of the most popular pastimes among expats is golf.

The Best Golf Clubs in Frankfurt

  • Erlebnispark: Located on the outskirts of Frankfurt, Erlebnispark is one of the most popular golf courses in the city. With 18 holes, a driving range, and practice greens, this course is perfect for both amateur and professional golfers. Membership fees range from $35 to $65 a month, depending on the membership plan you choose.
  • Bullenheim Golf Club: This course is located in the heart of Frankfurt and features 18 holes and a driving range. G