Expat Life in Liechtenstein Your Comprehensive Guide

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide for expats considering a move to Liechtenstein, Europe's diamond in the rough. This compact European country might be small in area, but it's rich in culture, history, and opportunities. In this extensive article, we'll discuss what makes Liechtenstein a desirable location for individuals looking to start a new life abroad.

Why Liechtenstein?

First, let's look at some reasons why expats might consider Liechtenstein as their next home:

  • Stable Economy: Liechtenstein boasts a robust economy, thanks to its status as a tax haven and financial center.
  • Quality of Life: The country offers a high standard of living, with its clean and picturesque environment.
  • Excellent Education: With internationally recognized institutions and a multicultural student body, Liechtenstein's educational opportunities are top-notch.
  • Safety: Crime rates are low, making it a safe haven for expats and their families.

Staying in Liechtenstein: Cultural Aspects

Now let's explore some of the cultural aspects that make Liechtenstein so unique:

  1. \ Language: While German is the official language, you'll also hear Austrian and Swiss dialects, reflecting the country's historical ties with Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. \
  2. \ Festivals: Join in the annual festivities, such as the National Day and the world-renowned Liechtenstein Marathon. \
  3. \ Cuisine: Sample traditional Liechtenstein dishes like Brättle (pronounced 'brat-la'), a potato pancake, and Safeise, which is made from cream, sugar, and eggs. \

Expat Resources and Networking

When moving to a new country, it's essential to have resources and networking opportunities to make the transition smoother:

  • \ International Schools: Liechtenstein has several international schools, including IMS Liechtenstein, offering education in English or German. \
  • \ Expat Communities: Join expat groups, such as InterNations, to connect with other expats and get valuable advice and tips. \
  • \ Relocation Services: Use relocation services provided by organizations like EY and Deloitte to help you navigate the moving process. \

Starting Your New Life: Conclusion

Liechtenstein offers a unique blend of culture, safety, and opportunities that make it an attractive destination for expats. With its stable economy, excellent quality of life, and diverse community, there's no denying that Liechtenstein is a place worth considering when planning your international move. As you embark on this new journey, remember that support networks are essential. Utilize the resources and expat communities mentioned in this article to help make your transition as seamless as possible.