Golf in Balzers An Expats Guide to the Best Clubs and Courses

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Welcome to Expat Coffee's comprehensive guide to golf in Balzers, Liechtenstein for expats. As an expat, you understand the importance of finding activities and amenities that cater to your unique needs and interests.

Top Golf Clubs in Balzers

1. Balzers Golf Club

Located in the heart of the Balzers valley, Balzers Golf Club gives expats an unforgettable golfing experience. The club has three unique courses with varying difficulty levels and unique features. The courses are:

  • The Annapurna Course - This is the most challenging course with a slope rating of 144. It is designed for experienced golfers with plenty of elevation, hills, and tight greens.
  • The Alpen Course - This course features rugged terrain and challenging holes, making it suitable for intermediate golfers. It is part of the European Tour every year.
  • The Flams Course - The Flams Course features flat and easy terrain, making it an excellent option for beginners. It has a slope rating of 113.

Membership options are available for all courses, and green fees vary depending on the course chosen. Equipment rentals are also available on-site.

2. Flaminsberg Golf & Country Club

Flaminsberg Golf & Country Club is another popular golf club in Balzers for expats. The club has a championship course designed by Gary Player with a slope rating of 136. It is paired with a state-of-the-art fitness center and a restaurant that serves high-quality cuisine.

Amenities and Community

Both Balzers Golf Club and Flaminsberg Golf & Country Club offer a range of amenities and services to both members and guests. These include:

  • Golf lessons and coaching by experienced professionals
  • Pro shops that sell golf equipment and accessories
  • Recreational facilities such as tennis courts, pools, and spas
  • Social events and tournaments throughout the year

Both clubs also have a strong sense of community, with regular social events and opportunities to connect with other golfers from near and far.

The Cost of Golfing in Balzers

The cost of golfing in Balzers varies based on the course, season, and membership level. Here is a breakdown of the cost of playing golf at the two clubs mentioned above:

  • Balzers Golf Club: Non-member green fees range from 45 to 80 euros per person, depending on the course. Membership fees vary depending on whether a member chooses a permanent or temporary bud