Golfing in Ohrid A Paradise for Expats

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situated in the enchanting Balkan region of North Macedonia, is a hidden gem for expat golf enthusiasts. This tranquil lakeside town offers a rich blend of history and natural beauty, accompanied by stunning golf courses that cater to players of all levels.

Golf Courses: A Delight for Every Golfer

Ohrid boasts numerous championship-standard courses, each with its distinct characteristics:

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Practice Facilities: Perfect Your Swing

At these golf clubs, members and visitors find quality practice facilities, including driving ranges, putting greens, and chipping areas, enabling them to hone their skills and prepare for a competitive game.

Dining & Socializing: More Than Just Golf

After a long day on the course, expats can unwind in the luxurious clubhouse. These social settings offer fantastic dining options, typically ranging from casual pub fare to gourmet fine dining. Members also enjoy exclusive access to social events and gatherings, fostering a vibrant, welcoming community.

Membership: Becoming Part of the Club

Becoming a member of these golf clubs offers numerous benefits:

  • Discounted Green Fees: members can enjoy complimentary or discounted rates for playing the course
  • Priority Access: members get priority access to their club's tee times, practice facilities, and events
  • Community: joining the club provides a unique opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from the expat community

Costs and Restrictions

Though the membership fees vary, expats can typically anticipate paying an annual membership fee ranging from €1,200 to €3,500. Green fees per round typically fall between €25 and €75, depending on the specific club and season. Equipment rentals and additional expenses like cart rentals and caddie fees can add to the overall cost.

Most golf clubs welcome beginners, providing group lessons and introductory courses, making golf in Ohrid an appealing pastime for both experienced expats and those new to the sport.


Ohrid, North Macedonia, stands out as an alluring destination for expat golf enthusiasts. From its welcoming clubs to its picturesque courses and rich community, Ohrid embodies the golfing lifestyle that many seek. Regardless of skill level or experience, expats will find personal growth and connection within these esteemed clubs and the broader expat community in Ohrid.