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Oslo, the vibrant heart of Norway, is not just known for its stunning fjords, contemporary art scene, or bustling nightlife. It also houses some of the most exquisite golf clubs that cater to the needs of expats and visitors.

Golfing in Oslo: A Complete Guide

Golfing in Oslo is a must-try experience for anyone with a passion for the game. With beautiful scenery, challenging courses, and excellent facilities, Oslo offers a golfing experience that is truly unparalleled.

Top Golf Clubs Near Oslo

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Pars & Unique Features

Each golf course in Oslo provides a distinct golfing experience with differing pars and features. Oslo Golfklubb's Blue Course, for instance, can be a challenging test for avid players, while Birkebeiner Golf Club's charming woodland setting presents a different set of challenges. Kjeller Golfklubb, with its beautiful vistas and tight fairways, offers a more serene golfing experience.

Clubhouses, Facilities & Services

The clubhouses of Oslo's premier golf clubs are more than just a place to store your clubs. They offer comfortable lounges, dining options, and pro shops. Members can enjoy post-game beverages and meals, while guests can attend events and functions. These clubhouses serve as the heart of these golfing communities, fostering connections and camaraderie among expats and locals alike.

Demographics & Community Aspect

Oslo's golf clubs offer more than just a place to play golf. They provide a vibrant community where expats can connect with like-minded individuals. These clubs cater to expats of all ages and backgrounds, offering an opportunity to expand one's social circle and experience Norwegian culture in a more immersive way.

Membership & Expat Offers

Membership at Oslo's golf clubs comes with several benefits, including exclusive access to courses and facilities, discounts on green fees, and opportunities to participate in events and tournaments. Special offers are also available for expats, including flexible membership plans, guest passes, and introductory discounts.

Costs & Restrictions

The costs associated with playing golf in Oslo can include green fees, equipment rentals, and additional expenses. Green fees can range from NOK 500 to NOK 2,000 per round depending on the course and membership status. Equipment rentals are available for those who don't own their gear. Add-ons like buggy rental, range balls, and meals can add to the overall cost. Beginners may face certain restrictions, including limited course access and mandatory lessons. However, these clubs also offer programs to help new golfers get started and excel in their new hobby.


Oslo offers an exceptional golfing experience tailored to the needs of expats and visitors. Its premier golf clubs provide world-class facilities, picturesque courses, and thriving communities that make golfing in Oslo an unforgettable adventure. With all the information provided, expats can confidently choose a golf club that suits their preferences and lifestyle, and embark on a golfing journey that enriches their experience in Norway.