Stavanger Golf Clubs The Ultimate Guide for Expats

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Stavanger, the fourth-largest city in Norway, is known for its picturesque harbor and stunning landscape. But did you know that the city also offers some of the best golfing facilities in Europe?

Golf Courses in Stavanger

  • Stavanger Golf Club: Offers a challenging 18-hole course with breathtaking views of the fjords and mountains. The course is suitable for advanced players, with challenging tees and fairways.
  • Henningen Golf Club: A picturesque 18-hole course located in the heart of Stavanger. The course is suitable for all levels of play, with easy-to-difficult tees and fairways.
  • Tchaikovsky Golf Club: A scenic 18-hole course surrounded by forest and mountains. The course is suitable for advanced players, with narrow and winding fairways and challenging greens.

What to Expect from Golfing Clubs in Stavanger

When it comes to amenities, golfing clubs in Stavanger offer a range of facilities to cater to the needs of their members and guests. Most clubs have well-tended practice facilities, including driving ranges, putting greens, and chipping areas. Some clubs also offer lessons from experienced professionals.

Pars and Clubhouse Atmosphere

The par courses in Stavanger vary in difficulty and offer a range of unique features. Stavanger Golf Club, for example, has narrow and winding fairways and challenging greens, while Henning Golf Club has beautiful views of the city and the harbor. Tchaikovsky Golf Club is surrounded by forest and offers a scenic and serene atmosphere

Membership Options for Expats

Expats living in or traveling to Stavanger have a range of membership options to choose from. Some clubs offer annual memberships, while others offer temporary memberships for visitors or business travelers. Membership fees vary depending on the club and the level of access, but many clubs offer discounted fees for expats.

Costs of Playing Golf in Stavanger

The cost of playing golf in Stavanger can vary depending on the club, the time of year, and the day of the week. Green fees typically range from around NOK 1,000 per person per round, but can vary for members or guests. Equipment rentals are available at most clubs, and prices vary depending on the type of equipment rented. Additional expenses, such as practice balls and clubhouse meals, may also apply.

Restrictions for Beginners

The clubs in Stavanger may have some restrictions for beginners, such as limited tee times or restrictions on the number of balls allowed per round. It is best to contact the club directly to clarify any restrictions before you book a tee time.


Golfing in Stavanger is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and challenging courses of this city. Whether you're an experienced player or just looking to learn, there's a golf club in Stavanger to suit your needs. With their beautiful courses, friendly atmospheres, and convenient locations, expats living in or traveling to Stavanger should definitely consider joining a golf club.