Golfing in Wrocaw A Haven for Expats

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Welcome to Wrocław, the vibrant and culturally rich city located in the heart of Poland. For expats relocating to this captivating European destination, we’ve compiled an extensive guide to help you explore the world-class golf clubs in and around the city. These exclusive golfing havens promise unforgettable experiences, leaving you feeling right at home in Wrocław.

1. Top-tier Golf Courses

The golf scene in Wrocław boasts challenging yet enjoyable courses for players of all skill levels. One such course is Kolejowa Golf Academy, featuring an 18-hole championship course with a stunning layout along the Oder River. Another gem is the St. Leo Golf & Country Club, home to a par-72, 18-hole course redesigned by Ron Forse, promising engaging and picturesque fairways.

2. Practice Facilities and Golf Instruction

Expand your golfing abilities with Wrocław's comprehensive practice facilities. These clubs offer well-equipped driving ranges, spacious putting greens, and short game areas perfect for perfecting your swing. Many of these establishments provide professional golf teaching services tailored for expats looking to improve their skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

3. Dining Options and Community Events

Amidst the beautiful greenery, the golf clubs in Wrocław provide a variety of enticing dining options. Enjoy post-game meals at the elegant 19th holes or immerse yourself in a rich cultural experience at community events. Known for their warm welcoming communities, these clubs offer members and guests engaging, social opportunities to connect with like-mindeds and cherished moments.

4. Unique Features and Pars

Each golf club in Wrocław showcases unique course layouts and features, ensuring a diverse and unforgettable golfing experience. For example, the Kolejowa Golf Academy course is set amongst the tranquil Oder River and features several water hazards, making for a thrilling adventure. Furthermore, each hole on these courses presents its own set of challenges, making par a coveted achievement for most golfers.

5. Clubhouse Atmosphere and Services

The clubhouse atmosphere at these Wrocław golf clubs is refined and welcoming, affording members and guests a space for relaxation and camaraderie. High-end spa services, state-of-the-art fitness rooms, and business centers are among the many amenities provided to elevate your experience.

6. Membership Opportunities

Becoming a member of one of these prestigious clubs offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Membership plans typically include priority access to tee times, discounts on green fees, and participation in club events. Expats in Wrocław can enjoy tailored membership packages created to cater specifically to their needs and lifestyles.

7. Golfing Costs and Beginner-friendly Policies

Considering the exceptional golfing experience offered by Wrocław's clubs, the costs associated with playing golf can vary. Green fees run from moderate to premium prices depending on the specific club and day of play. Rental equipment is also available for those who don't wish to bring their own. And with several beginner-friendly policies, Wrocław's golf clubs welcome newcomers to the sport, ensuring a welcoming experience for all.


In conclusion, expats situated in Wrocław, Poland, are gifted with an exceptional array of golf clubs offering sumptuous golf courses, practice facilities, and community experiences. Discovering these golfing treasures will not only provide unparalleled opportunities for personal growth but foster a deep appreciation for the rich culture and history of the city. Embrace the challenges of the beautiful courses and immerse yourself in the warm community atmosphere – a perfect blend for an enriching expat experience.