Lisbons Premier Golf Clubs for Expats

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Expats living in or near Lisbon, Portugal, are fortunate to call a golfing paradise their home. With an array of exceptional golf clubs around, Lisbon offers unforgettable experiences for golf enthusiasts. In this in-depth article, we delve into the finest golf clubs tailored for the expat community, exploring their captivating amenities, membership options, and the unique Lisbon golfing culture.

Golf Courses and Practice Facilities

The golf courses near Lisbon provide a diverse and exciting challenge for golfers. For instance, the Quinta da Marinha Golf Club boasts an 18-hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones and a 9-hole academy course catering to beginners and high-handicap players. At Royce Golf Resort & Spa, the 27-hole championship course delivers stunning views, tight fairways, and intriguing water hazards that test even the most skilled golfers.

Dining and Recreational Activities

Beyond the exceptional golfing opportunities, these clubs provide scrumptious dining options and a range of recreational activities. Belas Clube de Campo, for example, offers a selection of fine restaurants, a health club, and an outdoor swimming pool perfect for relaxation after a round of golf.

Challenging Courses and Unique Features

Par 3 at Aroeira Golf Resort, is renowned for its challenging yet enjoyable layout, with intricate greens and labyrinthine bunkers that test golfers' precision and strategy. The Praia Del Rey Golf Course, located along Portugal's Silver Coast, boasts dramatic cliffside holes where the Atlantic Ocean serves as a stunning backdrop, making for unforgettable golfing experiences.

Clubhouse Atmosphere and Services

The clubhouses at these golf clubs are more than just gathering places. They serve as thriving hubs for camaraderie, relaxation, and community among expat golfers. Members and guests alike enjoy access to locker rooms, pro shops, and lounge areas equipped with plasma screen televisions, making for an inviting, social environment where golf enthusiasts can unwind and connect. Moreover, most clubs offer services like buggy rentals, caddie services, and lessons from PGA-certified instructors.

Expand Your Social Circle with Club Members

Each golf club boasts a diverse and inclusive community of expats from various backgrounds, nationalities, and skill levels. The sense of camaraderie and shared passion for golf creates an inviting atmosphere where lifelong friendships are forged. The European Tour Golf Club offers membership packages specifically tailored for expats, facilitating opportunities for social gatherings, tournaments, and events where members can connect and forge meaningful relationships.

Membership Options

Joining one of these Lisbon golf clubs comes with numerous benefits, including exclusive access to top-tier golf courses, practice facilities, dining options, and events. The Royal Oporto Golf Club offers an individual membership, while the Santarem Golf Club provides a family membership. Most clubs offer various membership tiers, such as associate, full, and corporate memberships to cater to a wide range of golfer’s preferences and schedules.

  1. Individual: Generally targeted towards single golfers, these membership plans offer full access to the facilities and amenities without the hassle of having to worry about family members.
  2. Family: Ideal for expat families, these memberships allow access for the entire family, ensuring maximum enjoyment for all.
  3. Associate: Typically available for those working out of the area but frequently visiting Lisbon, these membership options offer discounted green fees and access to club facilities.
  4. Full: The most comprehensive membership tier, granting complete access to all facilities, services, and benefits.
  5. Corporate: Designed for businesses and their employees, these memberships often include additional perks, such as corporate golf events and team-building activities.

Additionally, most Lisbon golf clubs offer special expat membership promotions, providing significant savings and unique privileges exclusive to new expat members.

The Costs and Budgeting

Golfing in Lisbon's top clubs can be an investment, but the combination of world-class facilities, exclusive member benefits, and an unforgettable expat community make it well worth the expense. Expats should consider factors like green fees, membership fees,equipment rentals, and additional expenses when calculating the total cost. Green fees can vary from €20 to €180 per round; equipment rentals cost around €30 per hour, while annual memberships range from €2,000 to €10,000


Lisbon golf clubs offer a unique and vibrant experience for expats seeking a challenging, socially enriching, and rewarding pastime. With a diverse range of courses, practice facilities, dining options, communities, and membership plans, Lisbon provides ample opportunities to improve one's golf game and build meaningful connections. When it comes to playing golf as an expat in Lisbon, it's not just about the game; it's about living the experience.