Golfing in Koice A Haven for Expats

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Košice, the eastern pearl of Slovakia, extends a warm welcome to expats with diverse interests. Among them, golfers will find a host of world-class golf courses. In this extensive article, we unveil Košice's hidden gems for golf enthusiasts. Whether you're an amateur or a seasoned player, these clubs offer exceptional experiences that cater to all levels.

Golf Clubs Near Košice: Top Picks

1. Golf Resort Prešov: Located approximately 100km northwest of Košice, the Golf Resort Prešov boasts a championship 18-hole course designed by European Golf Design. With stunning views of the Čircha Mountains, this par-72 course challenges golfers with demanding holes and breathtaking surroundings. Practice facilities include a driving range, putting green, and chipping area.

2. Košice Olympic Golf Course: The Košice Olympic Golf Course, built in preparation for the 1998 European Individual Golf Championships, is located in Košice's heart. The picturesque 18-hole course features European PGA-standard fairways and greens, measuring 5,888 meters in total. Its proximity to the city makes it the perfect venue for golfing on weekends and a popular choice for expats who crave convenience.

3. Pribislavec Golf Club: Approximately 35km from Košice, you'll find the Pribislavec Golf Club, which boasts an 18-hole, USGA-standard golf course. This challenging, par-72 course was designed by Thomas Himmel and offers golfers a stunning mountainous backdrop. Practice areas include two putting greens, a driving range, and a chipping/bunker area adjacent to the first tee.

Clubhouses: Ambiences to Savor

Each clubhouse evokes a unique atmosphere, offering members and guests exceptional services. Enjoy hearty meals, refreshing beverages, and social moments at these stunning establishments. Be it a casual lunch or an important event, each clubhouse caters to its guests' every need.

Membership: Joining the Golfing Community

Memberships range from individual to corporate and offer additional perks for expats. These may include golf lessons, guest passes, accommodation discounts, and restaurants. Some clubs even offer special introductory offers for expatriates looking to join the golfing community in and around Košice.

The golf clubs in Košice and its surrounding areas offer much more than a simple game of golf. They provide opportunities to mingle with the local community and create lasting friendships. Membership means access to exclusive events, golfing outings, and other social activities that foster camaraderie and enhance the golfing experience.

Costs: Affordability for Expats

Green fees, equipment rentals, and additional expenses factor into overall club membership cost. These fees can vary depending on factors such as your membership status and chosen golf course. Expats often find that the benefits derived from club memberships far outweigh the costs. To help make golfing accessible to everyone, special offers, discounts, and programs, like Pay-and-Play, offer flexible golfing options.

Restrictions: Beginner-Friendly Golfing

Many clubs offer beginner-friendly facilities and programs. These may include practice areas, lessons from instructors, and introductory memberships. This approach ensures that newcomers to the sport can familiarize themselves with the game at their own pace and gradually progress, fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all golfers.

If you're considering a move to Košice or are simply passing through, Košice's golf clubs offer more than just a game. They provide opportunities for personal growth, social engagement, and a renewed connection to nature and the community. Join us as we continue exploring the diverse offerings of these golf clubs and their broader impact on the lives of expats in and around the charming city of Košice.


From stunning golf courses and world-class facilities to local camaraderie and special offers, the golf clubs near and around Košice cater to the diverse needs and interests of expats. By offering premium golfing experiences with a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, these clubs have become a cherished destination for golfers seeking adventure, relaxation, and personal growth. We invite you to join us on our journey as we uncover more fascinating aspects of life in and around Košice, the eastern pearl of Slovakia.