Golfing in Leicester Expat Experience

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Welcome to our in-depth guide on golfing in Leicester, the UK's vibrant expat hub. In this article, we'll introduce you to the finest golf clubs in the area, providing essential information for those looking to sharpen their skills or simply enjoy a round amidst a friendly community.

Top Golf Clubs in Leicester

Let's begin with three notable golf clubs that cater to expats living in or visiting Leicester:

  1. Leicestershire Golf & Country Club - Surrounded by the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, this club presents an idyllic setting for a rewarding golfing experience. Amenities include a challenging 18-hole course, spacious practice area, and a cosy clubhouse offering delicious meals.
  2. Markets & Horseshoes Golf Club - Priding itself on its picturesque location, Markets & Horseshoes Golf Club features an 18-hole parkland course characterized by its varied terrain and stunning landscapes. The establishment also provides members with access to an additional short course, perfect for beginners or those looking for a casual round.
  3. Cosby Golf Club - Located just outside Leicester, Cosby Golf Club boasts an attractive 18-hole course and excellent training facilities for both novice and experienced golfers. The club also offers a selection of social events and restaurant facilities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a more rounded golfing experience.

But what sets these golf clubs apart, and why should expats choose to join?

Golf Course Information

Each golf course presents unique challenges and features. For instance, Leicestershire Golf & Country Club's course consists of mature trees and water hazards, testing players' accuracy and decision-making skills. Markets & Horseshoes Golf Club's 18-hole course offers a varied and interesting layout, while Cosby Golf Club's sprawling green space provides ample opportunity to improve your short game.

Amenities and Atmosphere

These clubs go beyond excellent golfing experiences. Facilities at Leicestershire Golf & Country Club include a modern fitness suite, sauna, and a swimming pool. Markets & Horseshoes Golf Club offers a charming country atmosphere, replete with excellent food and wine options. Cosby Golf Club focuses on member engagement, providing opportunities for social events, teams, and competitions.

Members and Communities

All three clubs thrive on the diversity and welcoming nature of their golfing communities. Here, you'll find expats from all walks of life, sharing their passion for the game and creating meaningful connections. The clubs also welcome visitors to attend social events and tournaments, ensuring that you'll never feel left out.

Membership Options

Membership options vary from club to club. Leicestershire Golf & Country Club offers several tiers, including Academy, Intermediate, and Full Memberships. Markets & Horseshoes Golf Club offers Green and Full Memberships, while Cosby Golf Club primarily offers Full Memberships. Some clubs provide discounted rates for expatriates and seasonal memberships.

Each club also allows for various payment plans, ensuring that golfing in Leicester remains accessible to all.

Costs and Restrictions

When considering the overall costs, expats must calculate green fees, club membership rates, and equipment rentals. Green fees for visitors typically range from £15 to £55 per round, depending on the course and day. Membership rates range from £800 to £2,700 per year, but discounted or flexible memberships may be available.

It's essential to note that some clubs may have restrictions for beginners, which could include playing during certain hours or limiting access to certain areas of the course. These clubs typically have beginner-friendly initiatives, such as lessons and dedicated practice zones, ensuring that newcomers have a positive experience.

Joining a golf club in Leicester offers expats more than just a dynamic golfing experience; it opens doors to a community of like-minded individuals, creating unforgettable memories and connections in the heart of the UK.


Throughout this detailed guide, we've explored the captivating world of golf clubs in and around Leicester, ideal for expats who wish to expand their social circles while enjoying exceptional golf experiences. These clubs not only offer impeccable courses but also a welcoming atmosphere and unique amenities, ensuring a meaningful and engaging experience.