Kuwait Citys Premier Golf Clubs for Expats

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Kuwait City, the capital and largest city of Kuwait, is not just known for its iconic architectural landmarks and bustling business districts. For expats with a passion for golf, the city offers an impressive range of world-class golf clubs that provide a perfect blend of recreation and community. In this comprehensive article, we explore the top golf clubs in and around Kuwait City, delving into the intricacies of their amenities, membership options, demographics, and unique features.

Golf Courses: A Challenge for All Levels

The golf courses in these clubs cater to golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. For instance,:

  1. Mishref Golf Club: Boasting a par-72 championship course, this club challenges experienced golfers with its narrow fairways and strategically placed water hazards. Simultaneously, the training academy accommodates beginners with coaching programs and modified course layouts.
  2. The Wafra Golf Course: Designed by veteran golf course architect Ronald Fream, this 18-hole course offers a more manageable experience for beginners while still catering to advanced players with its cleverly positioned bunkers and challenging pars.
  3. Al Sabah Golf Club: This stunning golf course boasts picturesque holes nestled between natural desert landscapes and lush greenery. With modifications that accommodate golfers of all levels, this club is an excellent destination for both seasoned players and beginners.

Practice Facilities and Dining Options

These golf clubs go beyond exceptional courses, offering top-notch practice facilities and dining options. For instance:

  • Mishref Golf Club: Mishref offers a driving range with 30 tees, a chipping area, and a practice putting green. Members can enjoy a post-game meal at the Clubhouse Restaurant, which offers a varied menu of international cuisine.
  • The Wafra Golf Course: The Wafra Golf Course's state-of-the-art Practice Center ensures that golfers can hone their skills before setting foot on the course. Dining options at the club include The Palms Restaurant, which serves a delectable selection of Middle Eastern and continental dishes.
  • Al Sabah Golf Club: Al Sabah Golf Club offers a 9-hole putting green, driving range and chipping area. Members can satisfy their culinary cravings at The Verandah Restaurant, which overlooks the golf course and serves an extensive menu of global dishes.

Recreational Activities and Clubhouse Atmosphere

Golf clubs in Kuwait City are not just about the game. Members enjoy additional recreational activities and a welcoming clubhouse atmosphere:

Mishref Golf Club: Relax and unwind in the Clubhouse's luxurious facilities, which include a swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, steam room, and a Jacuzzi. Additionally, members can participate in a range of recreational activities, such as squash, billiards, and darts.

The Wafra Golf Course: Members and guests at The Wafra Golf Course can also access a children's playground, tennis court, and badminton court. The clubhouse boasts impeccably decorated rooms, a comfortable lounge area, and a member's bar.

Al Sabah Golf Club: Al Sabah Golf Club offers a swimming pool, tennis court, squash courts, and a children's play area. The clubhouse is a modern architectural marvel and features a restaurant, pro shop, locker rooms, and a spacious lounge area.

Expats and Club Community

Expats make up a significant portion of these golf club communities. They value the clubs not just for their exceptional golfing amenities but also for their inclusive and diverse atmosphere:

The expat community at these clubs is characterised by:

  • A rich cultural diversity - Members come from various international backgrounds and bring with them unique perspectives and experiences.
  • A strong sense of camaraderie - The clubs foster a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging members to forge friendships and make valuable networking connections.
  • Frequent social events - Members enjoy a calendar filled with intriguing events, from golf tournaments to cultural celebrations, which cater to their diverse interests.

Membership Options and Fees

Expats in Kuwait City have several golf club membership options to choose from, each with varying benefits and costs:

  • Mishref Golf Club: Membership options range from Individual memberships (KD 250/year) to Family memberships (KD 450/year).
  • The Wafra Golf Course: Membership includes Golf membership (annual fee: KD 175), Sports membership (annual fee: KD 125), or Family membership (annual fee: KD 250).
  • Al Sabah Golf Club: Individual memberships start at an annual fee of KD 300, while Family memberships cost KD 450/year.

The Cost of Playing Golf in Kuwait City Clubs

While membership fees offer significant value, playing golf at these clubs comes with additional costs. Expats should factor in:

  • Green fees: Guests at these clubs pay green fees that range from KD 25 to KD 50 per round.
  • Equipment rentals: Golf clubs offer equipment rentals which cost around KD 10-KD 30 per hour.
  • Additional expenses: This includes cart rentals (KD 5 per hour), lessons from professional golf instructors, and clubhouse and food expenses.

Accessibility for Beginners

Despite the apparent costs, these clubs are accessible for beginners. Many offer structured training programs for new players and modifications to courses to accommodate their learning process.


Golf clubs in and around Kuwait City are more than just golfing destinations. With their state-of-the-art facilities, diverse expat communities, cultural events, and world-class dining options, they offer a holistic lifestyle experience for golf enthusiasts. While membership and additional playing costs may be a consideration, the priceless opportunities for friendship, camaraderie, and personal growth make these clubs unmissable destinations for expats in Kuwait City.