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Turkey is a country that straddles both Europe and Asia. Known for its mesmerizing scenery, fascinating heritage, and rich culture, Turkey has something to offer everyone. Its hospitable people, delicious cuisine, and cosmopolitan cities attract millions of tourists every year. From the vibrant streets of Istanbul to the rugged mountain ranges of the east, Turkey's diverse geography and dynamic economy make it an exciting destination for expats and businesses alike.


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Demographics of Turkey:

Ethnic groups

Turkish (97.5%), Kurdish (1.5%), Greek, Armenian, and others (1%)


Turkish (99%) (official), Kurdish (Zazaki and Kurmanji) (popular, but not official), Armenian, Greek

Religion Overview

Islam is the majority religion in Turkey, with approximately 99% of the population identifying as Muslim. The country is also home to significant Christian and Jewish communities.

Major Religions


Turkey has a diverse climate, with varying temperatures and rainfall depending on the region. The coastal areas of the Aegean and Mediterranean have mild climates, with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The central Anatolian region has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. Snow is common in the mountainous east, with extremely cold winter temperatures.

Economy Overview

Turkey's economy is a growing and dynamic one, with a GDP of around $740 billion. Service sector activities take up around 56% of GDP, with industry and agriculture accounting for 31% and 13%, respectively. Turkey's key industries include finance, manufacturing, construction, and tourism, with leading firms such as Akbank, Arçelik, and Kia Turkiye contributing significantly to the economy.

Key Industries

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing (including automotive, food processing, and textiles)
  • Construction
  • Tourism

Major Companies

  • Akbank
  • Arçelik
  • Köksüz-Öztürk
  • Kia Turkiye

Culture and Language Overview

Turkey's rich cultural heritage dates back thousands of years, spanning centuries of Ottoman and Byzantine rule. The country is known for its vibrant music, dance, and cuisine, as well as its ancient ruins and stunning scenery. Key cultural highlights include the annual Whirling Dervishes festival, the intricate Turkish pottery tradition, and the mouth-watering dishes of Istanbul's legendary street food scene.

Cultural Highlights

  • Whirling Dervishes festival
  • Turkish pottery tradition
  • Street food scene in Istanbul

Geography and Landmarks Overview

Turkey's unique position straddling both Europe and Asia gives it an unparalleled beauty and variety that is hard to rival. The country boasts a rich history, stretching back thousands of years to its time as a thriving Ottoman empire. Today, Turkey's breathtaking scenery and historic landmarks continue to draw tourists from around the world. From the crumbling ruins of Ephesus to the dazzling Blue Mosque of Istanbul, there's something for everyone in this fascinating country.

Notable Landmarks

  • Istanbul's Blue Mosque
  • The ancient ruins of Ephesus
  • The Galata Tower in Istanbul
  • The stunning beaches of Antalya
  • The Cappadocia region's unique rock formations

National Holidays

  • New Year's Day: January 1
  • Republic Day: October 29
  • Ataturk Memorial Day: November 10
  • National Sovereignty and Children's Day: April 23
  • Labor and Solidarity Day: May 1
  • Commemoration of Ataturk's Death: November 10
  • H Democracy and National Unity Day: November 10
  • Victory Day: August 30

Political Stability

Turkey maintains a multi-party parliamentary democracy, with a president serving as both head of state and head of government. The country's political climate has been stable in recent years, despite ongoing concerns over terrorism and sporadic civil unrest in certain areas. The government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has also been called into question at times, with criticism leveled at its management of the outbreak.

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