Golfing in Montreal Expats Guide

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Montreal, the cultural epicenter of Canada, offers an array of experiences for expats. Yet, amidst its bustling cityscape, lies a tranquil escape for golf enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we take a swing at Montreal's premier golf clubs, providing you with insightful details to enhance your golfing experience.

Golf Clubs Near Montreal

Montreal is home to several exceptional golf clubs, each with its unique charm and facilities. Below are three noteworthy clubs:

All three clubs offer practice facilities, dining options, and a range of additional recreational activities.

Course Difficulty and Unique Features

Each golf club offers a distinct golfing experience, with varying degrees of difficulty.

Clubhouse Atmosphere, Facilities, and Services

The clubs' clubhouses offer a welcoming ambiance, with modern facilities and attentive staff to ensure a memorable experience for members and guests.

Membership and Membership Fees

All three clubs offer various membership options catering to different needs:

Fees for membership vary depending on the specific membership tier.

Costs and Additional Expenses

Understanding the costs associated with golfing is essential. Green fees, equipment rentals, and additional expenses can add up:

Restrictions for Beginners

Some clubs may have restrictions for beginners or newcomers:

However, many clubs are welcoming to beginners and offer beginner programs designed to foster personal growth and a lasting affinity for golfing.


Montreal's golf clubs provide the expat community with a diverse range of experiences and opportunities, allowing them to connect with other golf enthusiasts and deepen their passion for the sport. By understanding the various aspects of these clubs - from membership to costs - you are well on your way to becoming a valued member of these esteemed institutions. Swing by Montreal's finest golf clubs and embark on an unforgettable golfing adventure.