Exploring Hidden Culinary Gems Beyond the Tourist Trail

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Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago offers a rich culinary landscape where expatriates have carved out their own havens away from the tourist throngs. These hidden gastronomic gems are not only a testament to the diversity of the country’s cuisine but also contribute to the sense of community that expats seek when settling in their new environment.

Hidden Culinary Treasures in Port of Spain

Beyond the well-trodden tourist trail, there are numerous expat-owned restaurants that offer a unique dining experience characterized by authentic flavors and a welcoming atmosphere. From cozy bistros to hole-in-the-wall eateries, each establishment is a testament to the strength and resilience of the expat community in Trinidad and Tobago.

Expat Insights and Experiences

We've had the pleasure of speaking with expats who have discovered and frequented these hidden culinary treasures. Their stories shared to us, about the connections formed over shared meals and the cultural exchange that occurs as expats and locals come together to celebrate food and community, paints a vivid picture of what makes these places so special.

From Appetizers to Desserts

The diverse array of cuisines and dishes offered by expat-owned restaurants in Port of Spain is nothing short of impressive. From traditional favorites to innovative fusion creations, you'll find a showcase of culinary expertise and creativity that expat chefs bring to the table. Whether you're in the mood for something spicy or sweet, this is the perfect destination for foodies.

Join the Culinary Conversation

We'd love to hear from you! Share your favorite hidden restaurants and memorable dining experiences in Port of Spain. Share your stories, photos and recipes and create a sense of culinary camaraderie. Let's celebrate the unique flavors that define the expat dining scene in Trinidad and Tobago.


Expat-owned restaurants play a crucial role in enriching Port of Spain’s dining scene with their diverse flavors and cultural influences. These culinary ambassadors invite us to ponder the complexities of our shared experiences and embrace the richness of our diverse backgrounds. So, venture beyond the tourist trail and discover the hidden gastronomic treasures that await. Olive oil and enjoy!