Golfing in Charlotte Amalie Expats Paradise

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Welcome to Charlotte Amalie, the idyllic haven for expats seeking a serene and vibrant living experience in the United States Virgin Islands, North America. One of the most alluring aspects of this tropical paradise is its world-class golfing opportunities. In this expansive article, we delve into the intricacies of the finest golf clubs nearby, providing you with an insightful guide to tee off your expat journey in grand style.

Golf Courses:

Savor the breathtaking views of the sparkling turquoise waters while tackling the challenges posed by these renowned golf courses. Among the notable courses are:

  1. St. Thomas Golf Club: This 18-hole public course boasts stunning vistas and par-72 layout, ensuring an exhilarating golfing experience. challenge, the St. Thomas Golf Course is a must-visit for any avid golfer seeking an unparalleled paradise experience.
  2. Reef Bay Golf Course: Nestled amongst lush verdant landscapes, this par-71 championship course promises a memorable golfing adventure. Its challenging topography and breathtaking natural surroundings make it a hidden gem not to be missed.


Beyond the fairways, these premier golf clubs offer a wealth of enticing amenities:

  • Practice Facilities: Hone your swing with state-of-the-art driving ranges, chipping and putting greens.
  • Dining Options: Satisfy your appetite at opulent bars and restaurants, offering delectable menus and magnificent vistas.
  • Recreational Activities: Engage in a wide range of leisure pursuits, such as tennis, swimming, or spa treatments, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the entire family.

Unique Features:

Each golf club in Charlotte Amalie weaves a unique tapestry of character and charm:

  • The Buchannon Bay Course: Known for its picturesque ocean vistas, challenging greens, and friendly, non-competitive atmosphere, making it a beloved spot for golfers of all skill levels.
  • Cinnamon Hill Golf & Country Club: Boasting lush, hilly terrain and exceptional natural beauty, Cinnamon Hill is an unrivaled choice for golfers seeking both challenge and serenity.

Clubhouse Atmosphere:

The clubhouse is more than just a gathering place for golfers; it's a thriving social hub. Enjoy a drink at the bar, engage in spirited conversations with fellow golf enthusiasts, and indulge in exquisite cuisine. Each clubhouse exudes an ambiance that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Caribbean living and camaraderie.


The expat golfing community in Charlotte Amalie is a warm and welcoming one, fostering a spirit of unity amongst its members. This inclusive atmosphere extends beyond golf, as you can engage in various social events, activity groups, and cultural initiatives.


Discover the perks of becoming a member. Enjoy exclusive access to preferred tee times, additional discounts on merchandise, and a broader range of recreational facilities. Moreover, expatriate membership packages often include additional incentives:

  1. Priority tee time reservations
  2. Tournament entry discounts
  3. Discounted equipment rentals


Consideration of the costs associated with golfing in Charlotte Amalie is crucial. Factors affecting expenses include:

  • Green fees: While ranging from affordable to premium prices, green fees generally reflect the course's reputa<\/\/wkhtmltox-error: ParseError: 'Unexpected end of the document' >tion.
  • Equipment rentals: Keep in mind rental fees for golf clubs and carts, which can add up over time.
  • Additional expenses: Don't forget about food and beverage purchases, membership fees (if applicable), and maintenance plans.


Most golf clubs in Charlotte Amalie cater to golfers of all skill levels. Beginners may still face challenges, as the courses' inherent difficulty may necessitate additional practice. Researching available lessons, taking advantage of practice facilities, and adhering to golfing etiquette will aid you in mastering this exciting pastime. And remember, patience and persistence are the keys to becoming a successful golfer.


The expat golfing scene in Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, offers a magnificent blend of stunning vistas, challenging courses, luxurious amenities, and a warm, welcoming community. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding beginner, each golf club near Charlotte Amalie promises an extraordinary golfing experience that will tee you off on an unforgettable expat journey.