Denvers Golf Clubs A Haven for Expats

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Denver, a vibrant city in the heart of North America, never fails to impress expats with its diverse culture, beautiful landscapes, and myriad of recreational opportunities. Among these, golfing stands out as a favorite pastime for many, and Denver delivers in this regard with its magnificent golf clubs. In this article, we explore these popular golf clubs and the unique experiences they bring to expats, ranging from their pristine courses and practice facilities to extravagant dining options and community engagement.

Premier Golf Courses

Many golf clubs near Denver are renowned for their challenging and picturesque courses. For instance, The Country Club of Denver, founded in 1891, is a par-71, 18-hole championship golf course tucked away in the foothills of Colorado. This course, with its stunning backdrop of breathtaking mountain views and masterful design, consistently ranks among the best courses in the state and attracts golfers of all skill levels. Another noteworthy course is the Cherry Hills Country Club, featuring two courses: an East Course, designed by Pete Dye, and a West Course, created by Tom Weiskopf. With diverse terrain and formidable challenges, these courses appeal to both novice and seasoned golfers.

Community and Services

Beyond the thrill of playing on perfectly manicured greens, golf clubs in Denver offer a myriad of services aimed at providing a well-rounded experience for members and guests. From the clubhouse to dining facilities, these establishments cater to the various needs and desires of the expat population. For instance, at the Denver Golf Club, members and guests can enjoy a relaxing meal at The Grille, which features American-style cuisine with a modern twist. The clubhouse itself is a gathering place where members can socialize and engage with other expats in the community. Regular events, tournaments, and courses for beginners fuel the sense of camaraderie and ensure a warm welcome for newcomers.

Membership & Amenities

Each golf club offers unique membership opportunities aimed at catering to various preferences and lifestyles. The Cherry Creek Country Club boasts a range of membership packages that include golf, tennis, swimming, and fitness. For those looking to focus solely on their golf game, the membership options at Meridian Golf Club might be more appealing. Fees for membership vary based on location, exclusivity, and desired amenities. Many clubs offer special deals and incentives for new members, such as waivers of initiation fees or discounted membership rates. These offers often go hand in hand with affordable green fees and discounts on equipment rentals for expats who are new to the area and wish to experiment with the sport before making a long-term commitment.

Costs and Accessibility

Playing golf at these prestigious clubs in and around Denver comes with costs, but the experience is worth the investment for many expats who value the opportunities to engage with their community. Green fees for a round of golf can range from $100 to $300, but some clubs offer discounts for members or for groups. Equipment rentals start at $20 per club and can go up to $100 or more for premium clubs. Expats can mitigate costs by purchasing used or renting equipment through various golf shops or online platforms in the area. Additionally, membership in these clubs grants access to exclusive events, programs, and resources, making it a valuable investment in both golf and social engagement.


Denver, nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, captivates expats with its allure of diverse cultures, natural beauty, and plethora of recreational opportunities tailored to their interests. Golf clubs in the area serve as a haven for those who crave the thrill of the sport, the camaraderie of friendly competition, and the satisfaction of engaging with an inviting community. By delving deeper into the amenities, services, and unique club experiences, expats can make a well-informed decision about which club best aligns with their interests and lifestyles.