Little Rocks Expat Golf Clubs A Comprehensive Guide

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Welcome to Little Rock, a thriving expat community in the United States, where opportunities for personal and professional growth abound. Amidst the city's rich history and natural beauty, a plethora of golf clubs catering to expats awaits your exploration. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the finest golfer-friendly destinations near Little Rock, highlighting their exceptional amenities, engaging community, and unforgettable experiences.

Top Golf Clubs in Little Rock

1. The Country Club of Little Rock: Established in 1897, this historic club is renowned for its impeccably maintained 18-hole course, designed by Rees Jones. Members and guests enjoy a magnificent clubhouse, swimming pool, and ample dining options.

Golf Course

As one of the oldest courses in the region, the 18-hole, par-72 layout is challenging yet accessible, featuring lush greens, picturesque streams, and strategically placed bunkers. The course offers 6,800 yards of play for golfers of various skill levels.


The Country Club of Little Rock boasts an outstanding golf pro shop, practice facilities, tennis courts, swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Several formal and casual dining options cater to different tastes and preferences.

2. The Chenal Country Club: Nestled in the scenic Chenal Valley Development, this members-only club offers an 18-hole Arnold Palmer Signature Design Course. Members have access to a luxurious clubhouse, spa, and various recreational activities.

Golf Course

Chenal Country Club's championship course is a par-71, covering 6,934 yards, with water hazards and bunkers adding to the course's difficulty. The Arnold Palmer Signature Design Course offers a testing yet enjoyable experience for all golfers.


The Chenal Country Club boasts a vibrant community, with numerous social events and opportunities for members to connect and engage with one another.

Membership and Costs

Both The Country Club of Little Rock and The Chenal Country Club offer various membership types, including social, golf, and sport memberships. Membership fees vary based on category and annual renewal. Green fees for guests are typically in the $100-$200 range, depending on the specific golf course and day of the week

Additional Expenses: Equipment and Beyond

Golf clubs’ miscellaneous expenses include golf cart rentals, golf club rentals, and guest fees. These costs can pile up, but the overall golfing experience is a worthwhile investment. Many clubs offer incentive programs for expatriates and frequently entertain special promotions, ensuring a memorable experience without breaking the bank. Explore each club's offerings to maximize your value.

Beginner-Friendly or Not?

Both golf clubs welcome golfer enthusiasts of all skill levels. Beginners can benefit from instructional programs, practice facilities, and patient fellow members. Rest assured, the welcoming atmosphere at each club ensures a supportive and enjoyable introduction to golf in Little Rock.


Little Rock, Arkansas is a premier destination for expatriates seeking a fulfilling lifestyle with diverse opportunities for growth. The city's unique golf clubs offer exceptional courses, enticing amenities, and inclusive communities, making Little Rock a must-visit destination for every avid golfer. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your golfing journey, there's an ideal club waiting for you to embrace the essence of Little Rock golfing culture.