Golfing in Sioux Falls Expat Expense Guide

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, offers a vibrant expat community and a multitude of recreational activities. One such activity that appeals to many expats is golf. In this detailed article, we'll delve into the world of golf clubs near Sioux Falls, providing valuable insights for expats living in or considering moving to the area.

Notable Golf Clubs in and Around Sioux Falls

Three renowned golf clubs deserve special mention - Brandon Valley Golf Course, Kuehn Park Golf Course, and Willow Run Golf Club. Let's examine their offerings:

Brandon Valley Golf Course

Located 19 miles east of Sioux Falls, Brandon Valley Golf Course features a par-71 championship course, ideal for both novice and expert golfers. Their practice facilities include a chipping area, putting green, and driving range.

Amenities and Services

Golfers can enjoy a full-service bar and grill, which offers a variety of dining options. Additionally, the club features tennis courts, a pool, and a fitness center, ensuring a well-rounded recreational experience.

The demographics of Brandon Valley Golf Course membership comprise both local residents and a growing number of expats. The community is welcoming, making it an excellent place for newcomers to meet locals and establish connections.

Membership and Fees

Membership options include season passes, youth memberships, senior passes, and reciprocal agreements with various golf clubs. Annual fees range from $850 to $2,500, depending on the selected membership tier and additional privileges.

Kuehn Park Golf Course

Located at the heart of Sioux Falls, Kuehn Park Golf Course is a well-known municipal course, characterized by challenging greens and picturesque surroundings. It offers an 18-hole golf course, 9-hole course, driving range, and a putt-putt course, providing options for golf enthusiasts of all abilities.

Amenities and Services

Kuehn Park Golf Course provides a restaurant, pro shop, and multiple practice facilities. The club hosts tournaments and golf lessons throughout the year, making it an outstanding choice for those looking to learn or refine their skills.

The diverse demographic of Kuehn Park Golf Course makes it a perfect destination to meet fellow expats and engage in a friendly competition on the green.

Membership and Fees

City residents can obtain season passes, while temporary guest passes are also available for non-residents. The annual membership cost ranges from $425 to $535, depending on the chosen rate.

Willow Run Golf Club

Situated 17 miles southwest of Sioux Falls, Willow Run Golf Club presents golfers with a par-72 course known for its serene scenery and strategic challenges. Practice facilities include a chipping green, putting green, and driving range.

Amenities and Services

Willow Run Golf Club boasts a full-service bar and grill, making it an attractive destination for post-round refreshments. Additionally, the club features swimming pools, tennis courts, and basketball courts, catering to a multi-sport demographic.

Willow Run Golf Club welcomes members of all backgrounds, fostering a dynamic expat community and a friendly atmosphere.

Membership and Fees

Membership options include season passes, family memberships, and senior passes. Annual fees start at $825 for individual memberships and reach $1,350 for family memberships.

Costs and Restrictions

Non-members can enjoy the golf courses by purchasing daily green fees. Green fees range from $27 to $47, depending on the specific course and time of day. Equipment rental for golfing enthusiasts is readily available, with prices starting at $20 for a full set of clubs.

Beginners are welcome to join golf clubs and take advantage of golf lessons, tournaments, and friendly competitions. Generally, no strict restrictions apply to new golfers.