Brisbanes Top Golf Clubs for Expats

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Brisbane, the vibrant capital city of Queensland, Australia, is home to numerous world-class golf clubs that cater to the expat community. These clubs not only provide excellent golfing experiences but also offer a range of facilities and services tailored to expats. In this article, we delve into the top golf clubs in and around Brisbane, shedding light on their unique features, amenities, and membership options.

Popular Golf Clubs in Brisbane

1. The Royal Queensland Golf Club: Established in 1896, this historic club is Australia's oldest continuing golf club. Its championship course, named Brookwater, is a must-visit with challenging par-4s and picturesque scenery. Amenities include a driving range, putting green, and a restaurant.

Membership and Fees

Most Brisbane golf clubs offer various membership plans, including full, associate, and honorary memberships. Prices vary depending on the preferred membership category, access to facilities, and additional benefits. Expats may qualify for special discounts or membership deals.

Facilities and Services

Golf clubs near Brisbane offer top-notch amenities like well-maintained greens, on-course buggies, instructional programs, pro shops, and fine dining options. Members and guests can also enjoy additional perks such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

Golf Courses and their Unique Features

Community and Social Events

Golf clubs in Brisbane fosters a strong community of like-minded individuals, providing ample opportunities for social interaction, networking, and personal growth. Regular events such as golf tournaments, dinner functions, and charity events cater to diverse interests, ensuring there's always something for everyone.

Cost Considerations

Green fees, equipment rentals, and additional expenses vary by golf club. Expats should consider these costs when evaluating membership options to ensure their budget aligns with their desired level of access. Some clubs also offer special deals or package rates, such as season passes or memberships with accompanying spousal or family benefits.


Brisbane's expat-friendly golf clubs are not only great for honing golf skills but also serve as a platform for socializing, networking, and experiencing the local culture. With their diverse range of amenities and membership options, these clubs have something to offer for every expat golfer.