Expat Guide to French Polynesia Living in Paradise

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide for expats considering a move to the breathtaking islands of French Polynesia in Oceania! This idyllic destination, known for its stunning natural beauty and unique culture, draws thousands of expats each year.

Culture and Language

French Polynesia is a diverse mix of over 118 islands and atolls, spread across five archipelagos. Its rich culture derives from a fusion of indigenous Polynesian, French, and other influences. French is the official language.

Visas and Immigration

To live in French Polynesia, you will most likely need a long-stay visa (Carte de séjour). We provide detailed instructions on how to apply and important things to know.

Living Costs

While French Polynesia offers an unparalleled lifestyle, living costs are relatively high due to import taxes. We outline averages in housing, food, healthcare, and other expenses.


French Polynesia's healthcare system is of high quality, though it can be costly. We detail various insurance options, public healthcare services, and local hospitals.

Working and Business

Aspiring expat professionals and entrepreneurs can explore job market opportunities in sectors like tourism, fishing, and agriculture. We also cover the process of starting a business in French Polynesia.


French Polynesia boasts an excellent educational system, and expat families can choose from public and private schools. We provide an overview of the various schooling options.

Safety and Security

Generally, French Polynesia is a safe and welcoming haven for expats. However, crime does occur. Our article covers the most common safety concerns and preventative measures.

Transport and Infrastructure

Excellent transport connections make it easy to travel in French Polynesia, whether by boat, plane, or road. We discuss infrastructure, road conditions, and other essential transportation details.


Joining the expat community in French Polynesia opens up a world of opportunities for socializing, networking, and gaining valuable insights. We list various social and professional groups to check out.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

Based on the experience of expats who have successfully settled in French Polynesia, we share practical tips for an easier relocation.


We hope this guide has given you a thorough understanding of what life in French Polynesia is like for expats. With its unique blend of culture, natural beauty, and opportunities, it's an inspiring choice for anyone considering an overseas move.