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Guam is a tiny island in the western Pacific Ocean, a U.S. Territory that is located approximately 1600 kilometers east of the Philippines. With a pristine environment, abundant marine life, and a rich cultural heritage, Guam is a hidden gem that captivates both locals and visitors. Its beauty is matched by its uniqueness, with a distinctive mix of American, Asian, and Pacific Islander influences. This melting pot of cultures creates a distinct identity that sets Guam apart from any other destination in the world.


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Demographics of Guam:

Ethnic groups

Asian: Approximately 8%

White: Approximately 12%

Chamorro: Approximately 37%

Filipino: Approximately 26%

Other Pacific Islander: Approximately 12%


English: Official

Chamorro: Official

Religion Overview

The majority of the population in Guam is Roman Catholic, with approximately 85% of the population identifying as such. The Catholic Church holds a significant role in the community and culture, with numerous churches and festivities.

Major Religions


Guam enjoys a tropical climate, with average temperatures between 25°C (77°F) and 29°C (84°F) throughout the year. Its rainy season runs from May to December, with occasional typhoons.

Economy Overview

Guam's economy is heavily dependent on tourism and its military presence. Its key industries include tourism, retail, finance, and information technology.

Key Industries

  • Tourism
  • U.S. Military Presence

Major Companies

  • BankPacific
  • Landmark Corporation
  • IT&E
  • Micro Hospitals of America Pacific

Culture and Language Overview

Guam's unique culture blends ancient Chamorro tradition with modern influences from neighboring countries and the United States. Chamorro is the territory's official indigenous language, and English is the official contact language.

Cultural Highlights

  • CHamoru Cultural Center
  • Guam Micronesia Island Fair (Gami)
  • Guam History & Chamorro Heritage Museum
  • Guam President's Cup Regatta
  • LDD Chamorro Village

Geography and Landmarks Overview

Guam's geography is defined by its pristine coral reefs, volcanic mountains, and extensive coastline. It is home to numerous natural attractions, including Tumon Bay, Ypao Beach, and the Two Lovers Point.

Notable Landmarks

  • Agana Cathedral Basilica
  • Lt. Governor's Residence & Japanese Tunnel
  • Nimitz Hill
  • Ritidian™ & Pagat Caves
  • Tumon Market & Bazaar

National Holidays

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • President's Day (Third Monday in January)
  • Washington's Birthday (Third Monday in February)
  • March for Life (March 25)
  • Maguho March Pow Wow & Guam Liberation Day Carnival (From Friday before March 29 to Tuesday after March 29)
  • Coconut Tree Day (April 1)
  • Guam Liberation Day (August 25)
  • T Luis Academy Feast Day (August 27)
  • Santa Barbara Feast Day (December 4)
  • Christmas Day (December 25)
  • Boxing Day (December 26)

Political Stability

The U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights are applied to Guam, which is a U.S. Territory. Its Governor is appointed by the President of the United States and acts as a representative in the United States Congress.

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