Wellingtons Premier Golf Clubs for Expats

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Wellington, the vibrant capital city of New Zealand in Oceania, offers more than just a stunning waterfront. For expats with a passion for golf, Wellington is a hidden gem hosting some of the most exclusive and premier golf clubs. In this article, we delve into the world of golfing in Wellington and uncover the unique features, membership options, and costs of its top clubs.

Golfing Courses in Wellington

The golf courses in Wellington are renowned for their challenging layouts, picturesque scenery, and excellent conditions. Here are some popular courses:

  • Royal Wellington Golf Club: Known for its historic charm and tough courses (par-71, 6,199m) with enchanting views of the harbor.
  • Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club: Offers beautifully manicured courses (par-72, 5,985m) with stunning beachfront backdrops.
  • Wellington Golf Club: This classic course (par-72, 6,171m) boasts a rich history and a welcoming community atmosphere.

Amenities and Activities

Golf clubs in Wellington provide more than just a challenging game. Expats can enjoy a broad range of amenities, including:

  • Practice facilities: Adequate practice areas are available to help players refine their skills.
  • Dining options: Clubhouses cater to members and guests with contemporary menus and scenic views.
  • Recreational activities: A variety of activities like tennis, swimming, and fitness centers allow for well-rounded relaxation.

Golf Club Community and Membership

Wellington's golf clubs foster a welcoming and inclusive community for expats, bringing together golf enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds:

  1. Demographics: Members range from families to retirees, ensuring a diverse social environment.
  2. Events and Tournaments: Join in club tournaments and hosted events to connect with like-minded individuals.
  3. Lessons and Golf Programs: Participate in lessons, coaching programs, and workshops to enhance your golfing skills.

Membership and Fees

Golf club memberships in Wellington vary in cost depending on the club and package:

  • Full Membership: Provides unlimited access to the club, courses, and amenities.
  • Associate Membership: Affordable option for those seeking limited access.
  • Flexible Membership: Tiered pricing structure based on regular play.

Special offers tailored for expats, such as discounted fees or flexible membership plans, are worth exploring.

Cost of Playing Golf in Wellington

While golfing in Wellington's exclusive clubs can be a rewarding experience, it does come with a cost:

  • Green fees: Range between NZD $50 to $200 per round, depending on the course and day of the week.
  • Equipment rentals: Cost between NZD $30 to $100 per round.
  • Additional expenses: Cart rental, meals, and drink costs add to your total expenditure.

Beginners may find certain restrictions, such as specific tee times or mandatory golf lessons, but these clubs offer excellent learning opportunities.


Expats moving to or living in Wellington, New Zealand, can enjoy the vibrant golfing scene this city offers. With a range of superb courses, top-notch amenities, and a welcoming community, golf clubs in Wellington are not just a great way to enjoy the game but also a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.