Saipans Premier Golf Clubs for Expats

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Welcome to Saipan, the hidden gem of the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean, a location cherished by expats for its tropical climate and unique opportunities. One such opportunity awaits those hankering for a swing or two: world-class golf clubs. In this article, we explore Saipan's finest golf clubs, perfect for expats looking to enhance their Social, Active, and Playful (SAP) lifestyle. So grab your clubs and let's tee off!

First Tee: Saipan's Golf Courses

Saipan boasts two premier golf courses open to the public: the LaoLao Bay Golf Resort and the Saipan World Resort Course. LaoLao Bay, a 7,171-yard, Par-72 layout, displays tropical greenery and breathtaking ocean views. Its unique design features wind tunnels for practice, measuring roughly 7,300 yards from the tips. The second course, Saipan World Resort, offers six par-3s, six par-4s, and six par-5s, totaling 5,400 yards. Its picturesque setting, against the ocean breeze and lush foliage, adds to its allure.

Swing into Action: Practice Facilities

Both golf clubs feature ample practice facilities catering to various skill levels. LaoLao Bay's 40,000 square foot driving range ensures there's always room for improvement. Meanwhile, Saipan World Resort's 700-yard practice range is perfect for beginners and experienced golfers alike.

Par for the Course: Dining and Activities

Beyond golf, these clubs offer delightful dining options and appealing recreational activities. LaoLao Bay's Wymar Bay Clubhouse offers exceptional cuisine, drinks, and water sports. Saipan World Resort invites guests to unwind at its spa or take part in cultural activities through the Marina Islands Cultural Foundation.

Fore!: Clubhouse Atmosphere and Services

Each club prides itself on top-tier hospitality, facilities, and services. At LaoLao Bay, professionals and amateurs alike can indulge in luxurious locker rooms and the latest golf technology. Saipan World Resort offers comfortable seating areas, pro shops, and comprehensive golf lesson programs.

Tee Up: Members and Community

Saipan's golf clubs deliver a warm welcome to their members and guests. Expats involved in these communities come from various backgrounds, bringing diverse perspectives and fostering a vibrant atmosphere. Regular social events at both clubs provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and expand friendships.

Fitting In: Membership and Fees

When considering membership, LaoLao Bay offers a variety of options, including seasonal, annual, and promotional plans. Saipan World Resort presents flexible membership contracts, specifically designed for expatriates. Detailed pricing and benefits are subject to consultation and vary from club to club.

Putting It All Together: Costs and Accessibility

To enjoy Saipan's golfing delights, additional costs must be taken into account. Green fees range from reasonable to higher end, with equipment rentals, cart rentals, and lessons adding incremental charges. Access to practice facilities and club amenities may result in additional expenses, but the value provided is immeasurable. Moreover, certain membership options can offer discounts or free rounds, making joining a club even more attractive for expats.

The Final Drive: Conclusion

In conclusion, Saipan's alluring golf clubs invite expats to expand their horizons, meet new friends, and indulge in a truly enriching experience. With courses that cater to all skill levels, top-notch amenities, and welcoming communities, these clubs are more than worth exploring. So, pack your clubs and prepare for a wonderful adventure in this Pacific paradise!