Expat Living in Vanuatu A Comprehensive Guide

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Welcome to your comprehensive guide for expats considering a move to the beautiful islands of Vanuatu in Oceania! This article will delve into various aspects of living in Vanuatu, to help you make an informed decision about your next adventure.

Why Expats Choose Vanuatu

Often referred to as the 'Land of the Happy People', Vanuatu offers expats an unparalleled quality of life. With its turquoise waters, stunning beaches, volcanic landscapes, and vibrant local culture, Vanuatu is a paradise that attracts many expats every year.

Visas for Expats

Before you pack your bags, it is essential to obtain the correct visa for your stay in Vanuatu. The country offers various visa types, ranging from tourist visas to permanent residency.

  1. Tourist Visa: Valid for up to 30 days
  2. Work Visa: Required for those intending to work in Vanuatu
  3. Student Visa: For expats looking to pursue education in Vanuatu
  4. Retirement Visa: For expats aged 55 and above
  5. Permanent Residency: For those planning to stay in Vanuatu long-term

Cost of Living in Vanuatu

The cost of living in Vanuatu varies significantly depending on the location and lifestyle. Generally, the islands boast a relatively low cost of living compared to many developed countries.


Expats can find a range of affordable housing options, from apartments and villas to traditional ni-vanuatu bungalows.


The local markets brim with fresh fruits, veggies, and seafood. Expats can enjoy a healthy and delicious diet for a fraction of the cost in other countries.

Culture and Community

Vanuatu's diverse cultural heritage makes it an exciting place for expats. Here, you'll find a welcoming and inclusive community, eager to share their traditions and customs.

Safety and Security

Vanuatu is generally considered to be a safe destination for expats. However, crime rates have increased slightly in recent years, and it is essential to practice standard safety precautions.

Healthcare in Vanuatu

The healthcare system in Vanuatu is well-equipped to handle basic medical needs. However, expats may consider obtaining international health insurance for comprehensive coverage.


In conclusion, living as an expat in Vanuatu offers a rich and rewarding experience, filled with new adventures, exciting discoveries, and the beauty of the South Pacific. Whether you're seeking a new home, retirement destination or a short-term adventure, Vanuatu is undoubtedly worth considering.