Golfing in Stanley A Haven for Expats

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Welcome to Stanley, a hidden gem in the South Atlantic Ocean, where the rugged landscape meets exhilarating golfing experiences for expats.

World-Class Golf Courses

Stanley's golf clubs boast stunning courses that cater to all skill levels, offering breathtaking views and unique challenges. Each course varies in pars, ranging from the challenging Stanley Golf Course, with its 18 holes and a par of 71, to the more leisurely 9-hole Port Stanley Golf Course.

Practice Facilities and Dining Options

Whether perfecting your swing or unwinding after a round, these clubs provide the necessary facilities, including driving ranges and putting greens for practice. Additionally, members and guests can indulge in delectable dining options, serving local and international cuisine, further complementing the golfing experience.

Recreational Activities and Clubhouse Atmosphere

The clubs in Stanley invite members and visitors to engage in a multitude of recreational activities. From tennis courts and swimming pools to fitness centers and social events, there is always something for everyone. The welcoming clubhouse atmosphere creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie, enabling expats to connect with like-minded individuals and build long-lasting friendships.

Membership Options and Community

Membership in Stanley's golf clubs proves beneficial for expats, providing access to exclusive perks such as preferred tee times, discounts, and opportunities for involvement in community events.

Membership Fees

Joining Stanley's esteemed golf clubs requires an annual membership fee, ranging from $1,500 to $2,500, depending on the specific club and membership category. Special promotions and preferential rates, particularly for expatriates, can be negotiated.

Additional Expenses

Green fees to play a round of golf at Stanley's courses vary, typically ranging from $35 to $55 per round. Equipment rentals can be arranged for approximately $25 per hour, while occasional cart rentals cost around $15 per round. While these costs may seem significant, the complete golfing experience provided makes the investment worthwhile for expats.

Restrictions for Beginners

For beginners or those looking to try golfing for the first time, several clubs offer introductory classes and lessons at subsidized rates. These opportunities ensure that everyone, regardless of skill level, can enjoy the game and embrace the vibrant expat community in Stanley.


Joining a golf club in Stanley, Falkland Islands, provides expats with far more than just a golfing experience. With a rich community of like-minded individuals, top-tier amenities, and stunningly beautiful courses, membership is an investment in personal growth and a valuable resource in building a fulfilling life as an expat.