Expat Cuscos Hidden Gems

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Welcome to Expat Cusco's Hidden Gems - your go-to guide for unveiling the rich tapestry of culinary adventures awaiting expats and travelers alike residing in or considering Cusco, Peru in South America. 

Cusco: A Culinary Melting Pot

Steeped in history and renowned for captivating landscapes, Cusco is first and foremost a destination that tempts taste buds. Beyond its ancient streets, bustling markets, and iconic Incan ruins, the city harbors a vast culinary landscape exclusive to the expatriate community. 

Beyond the Tourist Trail

Away from the tourist throngs, a labyrinth of culinary treasures awaits the intrepid explorer. These hidden establishments, owned and operated by expats, breathe life into Cusco's expat scene with a diverse selection of bistros, cafes, and eateries. 

Quaint Eateries and Intimate Atmospheres

From the cozy corners of quaint bistros to the unassuming allure of hole-in-the-wall eateries, each culinary hideaway offers a unique dining experience. Some serve authentic Peruvian dishes, while others fuse diverse flavors to tantalize the palate. 

Authenticity and a Sense of Connection

One expat resident shares her favorite eatery: "Three years ago, I stumbled upon this unassuming little place nestled in a side street. The owners, a charming French-Peruvian couple, welcomed me warmly, and the enchanting aroma of their traditional cuisine had me hooked. I've been returning regularly ever since!"

Exploring the Menus

Delve deep into the diverse offerings of these hidden gems. Menus brim with tantalizing choices: from quintessential Peruvian appetizers like Ceviche and Papas Secas to innovative fusion dishes infused with international flavors.

  1. "Ceviche" (an iconic Peruvian dish): Fish marinated in citrus juices accompanied by onions, chili peppers, and corn.
  2. "Lomito Saltado" (a classic Peruvian dish): Stir-fried beef, onions, tomatoes, and french fries served over rice.
  3. "Causa" (a signature Peruvian dish): A cold dish made from layers of mashed potatoes, avocado, and steamed cook sweet potato.
  4. "Ajiaco" (a traditional Andean dish): Chunks of potatoes, avocado, beans, and corn in a hearty chicken stew.

Joining the Culinary Conversation

Embark on a vibrant culinary conversation among expats and locals over shared meals. These cultural exchanges create a rich tapestry of gastronomic adventures that contribute to the ever-evolving Cusco dining scene. 


Embarking on a culinary escapade off the beaten path, expats in Cusco, Peru, uncover a hidden world of unparalleled authenticity and warmth. These culinary gems not only offer a taste of home but also foster a sense of connection that contributes to a thriving expat community. So, dear reader, what's your favorite hidden culinary treasure in Cusco?