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Venezuela is a nation occupying the northern portion of South America. It shares borders with Guyana, Brazil, and Colombia. Venezuela boasts numerous incredible geographical features, including imposing mountains, tranquil lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls. This nation also offers diverse ecosystems spanning rainforests, savannas, and deserts. Despite ongoing political turmoil, Venezuela has a rich and fascinating past. Europeans discovered a significant portion of its terrain during the colonial era, which has been visible in the architecture, traditions, and culture of the country.


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Demographics of Venezuela:

Ethnic groups

White: 39.7%

Mestizo: 56.2%

Indigenous: 0.1%

Afro-Venezuelan: 4.0%


Spanish: 94.1%

Indigenous: 5.9%

Palenquero: 0.2%

Portuguese: 0.2%

Religion Overview

Religion plays a significant role in Venezuelan culture, with most of the population being Catholic. Religious freedom is guaranteed in the country's constitution, and people can practice other Christian faiths, Islam, Judaism, and small Indigenous religions.

Major Religions


Venezuela's diverse geography results in varying climates, mainly tropical and subtropical. The country is characterized by a hot and rainy season between May and November, followed by a dry season between December and April.

Economy Overview

Venezuela's economy has experienced significant declines in recent years due to various reasons, such as mismanagement, corruption, inflation, and oil prices. The country's main resources are oil, manufacturing, and tourism. Expat job opportunities can be found in the service, assembly, and administrative sectors.

Key Industries

  • Petroleum
  • Aluminum
  • Iron Ore
  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Textile
  • Food Processing

Major Companies

    Culture and Language Overview

    Venezuelan culture is a mix of European, Indigenous, and African roots. Folk music, including the jarabe tapatío and the sono, is popular in Venezuela, as is theater and dance. Venezuelans love to celebrate their heritage during annual festivals such as Carnaval, Las Posadas, and Semana Santa.

    Cultural Highlights

    • Merida’s Orange City Festival - Showcases the city’s colorful heritage through music, food, and cultural events.
    • Minas del Fuego – A popular festival taking place in Pao de Ácimo national park.
    • Venezuela’s Carnaval – A celebration that encompasses both Catholic and African heritage, typically spanning four days in February.

    Geography and Landmarks Overview

    Venezuela’s landscape is incredibly diverse, featuring stunning waterfalls, pristine lakes, and formidable mountains. The country boasts an extensive coastline lapped by the warm waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans. Some of the country’s top landmarks include the Merida Andes, El Avila National Park, Choroní, Cabo Macana, the Canaima National Park, and the Orinoco Delta.

    Notable Landmarks

    • Angel Falls - A 979-meter waterfall, the tallest in the world.
    • Morrocoy National Park - A stunning, pristine oasis along the Venezuelan coast.
    • Canaima National Park – A UNESCO World Heritage Site encompassing more than 4 million acres of pristine jungle, mountains, and waterfalls.

    National Holidays

    • New Year's Day
    • Three Wise Men's Day
    • Carnaval
    • Good Friday
    • Labor Day
    • Bandeira Day
    • Battles of Carabobo and Los Montes Day
    • Independence Day
    • Our Lady of Coromoto Day
    • Constitution Day
    • Discovery Day
    • Catholic Holy Week
    • Feast of Santa Rosa
    • Giotto Bissio Day
    • New Granada Grito de La Villa Day
    • Del Guindón Project
    • Our Lady of Chiquinquirá Day
    • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Day
    • Our Lady of Fatima Day
    • Santa Lucia Day
    • St. Michael Archangel Day
    • St. Joseph Day
    • Feast of Santa Maria de la Candelaria
    • St. Mark the Evangelist Day
    • St. Thomas Aquinas Day
    • St. Luke the Evangelist Day
    • St. Matthew Day
    • St. Jude the Apostle Day
    • St. Mary Magdalene Day
    • Our Lady of Covadonga Day
    • St. Pius V Day
    • Ascension Day
    • St. Teresa of Jesus Day
    • Corpus Christi

    Political Stability

    Venezuela’s political climate has been shaky in recent years. Ongoing protests, rising inflation, and hyperinflation have destabilized the country’s economy. President Nicolas Maduro won re-election in 2018 amid widespread allegations of election fraud. International powers condemned the contest’s legitimacy.

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