Living in Vacoas-Phoenix as an expatriate

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Vacoas-Phoenix is a charming city located in the center of Mauritius, known for its picturesque gardens, temples, and bustling markets. It is the second-largest city and offers a relaxed lifestyle with easy access to the capital, Port Louis.

Tips for expats in Vacoas-Phoenix

Visa requirements

Expats need to obtain a work or residence permit, depending on their purpose of stay. Research the specific requirements for your nationality and duration of stay.

Language resources

English and French are widely spoken. However, Mauritian Creole is the native language. Consider enrolling in language courses to learn Creole or improve your English or French.

Cost of living for expats in Vacoas-Phoenix


A room in a shared house: ~7,000-10,000 MUR/month, One-bed apartment: ~12,000-18,000 MUR/month, Two-bed apartment: ~18,000-25,000 MUR/month, Three+ bedroom house: ~25,000-40,000 MUR/month.


Milk (1 liter): ~35-45 MUR, Fresh bread (1 loaf): ~25-35 MUR, Chicken breast (1 kg): ~250-350 MUR, Apples (1 kg): ~150-200 MUR.


Monthly bus pass: ~800-1,000 MUR, Taxi rides: ~600-1,000 MUR (depending on distance), Petrol: ~45 MUR/liter.

Climate in Vacoas-Phoenix

The city has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures year-round, averaging around 23-30°C (73-86°F). The wettest months are January and February, while the cooler, drier months are from May to October. Cyclones can occur from November to April.

Job market in Vacoas-Phoenix

Key industries include textiles, tourism, sugar, and information technology. The city hosts regional offices for various international companies and has a growing IT sector, offering opportunities for expats in software development, BPO, and data centers.

Healthcare in Vacoas-Phoenix

Vacoas-Phoenix has several public and private healthcare facilities, including the Vacoas District Hospital, offering general medical care. Private clinics and hospitals, such as the Clinique Le Breton, provide specialized services for a fee.

Transport in Vacoas-Phoenix

The city is connected by a network of buses, providing access to other regions of Mauritius. Bus routes cover major areas, such as Port Louis, Curepipe, and Quatre Bornes. Taxis are also available for hire.

Safety in Vacoas-Phoenix

Vacoas-Phoenix experiences relatively low crime rates compared to other cities in the region. However, expats should exercise the same precautions as in any other city, such as keeping valuables secure and avoiding deserted areas late at night.

Neighborhoods in Vacoas-Phoenix

  1. Phoenix

    A residential area with well-developed infrastructure, shopping centers, and schools. Ideal for families and expats seeking comfortable living.

  2. Vacoas

    A lively town center with local markets, parks, and religious sites, offering a mix of residential and commercial properties.

Attractions in Vacoas-Phoenix

  1. Domaine Les Pailles

    An 18th-century colonial mansion, now a tourist complex with restaurants, boutiques, and gardens.

  2. Phoenix Parc Floral

    A stunning botanical garden showcasing local and exotic flora, as well as a playground and picnic areas.

International Schools in Vacoas-Phoenix

  1. Northfields International High School


    Co-educational international high school, offering British and IB curricula.

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