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Kaduna is the capital city of Kaduna State and the second-largest city in Northern Nigeria. Known for its rich cultural heritage, Kaduna is at the crossroads of Nigeria's north and south. With a population of over 5 million people, Kaduna is a thriving commercial hub and an emerging center for technology, education, and entertainment.

Tips for expats in Kaduna

Visa requirements

Expats relocating to Kaduna require a visa issued by the Nigerian Embassy or Consulate in their home country. The visa application process can be complicated, so it is advisable to rely on the services of authorized visa service providers such as

Language resources

Although many residents of Kaduna speak English, it is advisable for expats to learn local languages, such as Hausa and Fula, to facilitate communication and interaction with locals.

Cost of living for expats in Kaduna


The cost of living in Kaduna is relatively low, making it an affordable choice for expats. Available housing options range from shared houses ($50 - $70/month), one-bedroom apartments ($100 - $120/month), two-bedroom apartments ($150 - $200/month), and three-plus bedroom houses ($300 - $500/month).


Groceries in Kaduna are also reasonably priced, with monthly expenses ranging between $100 and $150 per month for a family of four. Expat families can find groceries at local markets like the Kaduna Central Market, Murtala Square Market, and Southern Area Market.


The cost of transportation in Kaduna is also relatively affordable. Commuting by bus, minibus, or taxi costs between $1 and $1.5, depending on the distance. Driving a car or hiring a private driver could be more expensive, given the high cost of fuel and vehicular maintenance.

Climate in Kaduna

Kaduna's climate is tropical and wet with two distinct seasons. The rainy season runs from March to October and the dry season runs from November to February. Temperatures can reach up to 40°C during the dry season, making it essential to stay hydrated and protect oneself from the sun.

Job market in Kaduna

The job market in Kaduna is diverse and expanding, with opportunities across various sectors, including banking, education, healthcare, and technology. Many multinational corporations, both local and international, have established offices in Kaduna, creating job opportunities for expats with diverse skill sets. Some of the major employers in the city include Dangote Group, Development Bank of Nigeria, and Kaduna State Government.

Healthcare in Kaduna

Kaduna has access to some of the best healthcare facilities in Nigeria. The city offers a wide range of public and private healthcare services, ranging from primary to tertiary care. Some of the notable healthcare providers in Kaduna include Barau Dikko Teaching Hospital, Bishops Courtyard Hospital, and LifeLine Hospital. Expat families can also opt for international healthcare providers, such as AIICO International Consultants Hospital and Medi Response Clinic.

Transport in Kaduna

Kaduna's public transportation system is well-established and suited to the city's terrain. The city's transportation network comprises buses, minibuses (Danfo), motorcycles (Okada), and taxis. Travellers can also hire private drivers or car rental services from reputable companies, such as Dangote Car Rentals and Aloft Zone Motor Service.

Safety in Kaduna

Kaduna is generally a safe city, but expats should exercise caution in certain areas, such as Kaduna South and Chikun. It is advisable to avoid travelling alone or in unfamiliar areas at night. Expat families should also ensure their homes and vehicles are properly secured, as vehicle theft and burglaries are common in some areas.

Neighborhoods in Kaduna

  1. Barnawa GRA

    Barnawa GRA is a prestigious residential district in Kaduna, and serves as the hub of the city's diplomatic community. It is home to several embassies and international organizations, such as the Embassy of China, Nigeria Red Cross Society, and UNDP. The neighborhood has access to well-maintained roads, markets, banks, and hospitals.


    Utaakkan is a rapidly developing neighborhood in Kaduna, popular among young professionals and families. The area features modern residential and commercial properties, restaurants, and cafes. Expats living in Utaakkan can easily connect to other parts of the city via the Gwagwarwa-Kaduna Expressway.


    Located in the heart of Kaduna, Primary School Road is one of the city's most populous and dynamic neighborhoods. Expats interested in living in Primary School Road can find a variety of housing options, including shared houses, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments. The neighborhood has easy accessibility to markets, banks, hospitals, and transportation hubs.

Attractions in Kaduna

  1. Kaduna Museum

    Kaduna Museum is a major cultural attraction in Kaduna, showcasing exhibits on the history and traditions of the people of northern Nigeria. The museum complex consists of the National Museum, Kaduna National War Museum, and an outdoor culture and tradition center.

  2. APM Terminal

    APM Terminal is a major infrastructure project aimed at improving trade and commerce in Kaduna. The terminal provides high-speed container handling facilities, custom brokerage services, and warehousing for cargo ships. The APM Terminal serves as a great attraction, offering expats the opportunity to learn about global trade and transportation trends.

  3. Zaria Century Galleria

    Zaria Century Galleria is a modern shopping complex in Zaria, featuring a multiplex cinema, bowling alleys, and restaurants. The shopping complex offers an exciting escape for expats looking to have some fun and entertainment after a week's work.

International Schools in Kaduna

  1. British International School

    Bayero University Kano Road, Barnawa, Kaduna

    The British International School offers an exceptional educational experience for expat children living in Kaduna. The school offers the National Curriculum for England, from early years to senior years, and prepares students for globally recognized examinations such as GCSEs and A-Levels.

  2. Garden International School

    Game Village, Opposite Airforce Village, Tafawa Balewa Way, Kaduna

    Established in 2013, Garden International School offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) program to students from Kindergarten to Year 13. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including computer labs, science labs, and a football pitch.

  3. Lycee Kaduna

    GEMS, National Technical Teacher's College, Barnawa, Kaduna

    Lycee Kaduna provides an immersive French educational experience for expat children in Kaduna. The school offers the French National Curriculum and prepares students for the French Baccalaureate diploma, equivalent to the French equivalent of the GCE A-Levels.

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